50 critiques pour ce module
  • Era un excelente complemento para descargar rapidamente las imágenes, y la posibilidad de incluir los comandos directamente en el menu emergente lo hacia para mi el mejor. Vaya, una herramienta imprescindible, pero el problema es que deja de funcionar al poco tiempo de haberse instalado y no hay forma de que vuelva a funcionar sino hasta que se desinstala y reinstala, pero al poco rato vuelve a dejar de servir.

    Una verdadera pena ya que por este y otros complementos esenciales para mi, es que me mantengo en Firefox 56.0.2.
    Despues de varios años dudo que saquen una actualización :(
  • I was wandering in search of such customization for img saving action. It had become difficult when I had to rename many images whenever I tried to save a new img with same name. Thank very much, this addon solved the problem. Just select the folder where u want to save the imgs and works very efficiently. Just one click. It automatically rename new imgs.
  • Nenhum outro add-on agiliza o ato de fazer download de várias imagens (wallpapers) como este.

    Este add-on é super recomendado para quem faz downloads de imagens pela internet.

    Com este add-on eu crio uma opção para o context menu, essa opção permite que com apenas um clique a imagem seja salva no local que eu especifiquei. Você pode criar mais de uma opção!

    Se você é do tipo que separa cada conjunto de imagens obtidas por downloads em pastas diferentes, Context Menu Image Saver será vital para você.

    Recomendo este add-on para qualquer pessoa que faz muitos downloads de imagens em um único dia.

  • This is requiring a log-awaited update by now.
  • Hello
    it has stopped to download from twitter...
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  • Not sure where all the 5 star reviews come from, it's useless to me.
  • It works even better than "Save Image in Folder", mainly because of a unsolved error when you use the other plugin to save facebook images. This plugin here has no problems, very fast and sweet.
  • One has to appreciate this flawless timesaver. It has a nifty set of features under the hood which conveniently allows users to tweak filenames. It also gives users the choice to save images in any destination folder via a shortcut or personalized right-click menu.

    Sadly, it was last updated 3 years ago and I hope choobin will continue to support it for years to come.
  • Excellent! For art collectors or building and separating your collection it is beyond perfect.
    Been using this add-on for two years or more never having any issues, and always doing as needed with few commands or hoops to learn how to jump through to do exactly what you need.
    Fast, simple and to the point, working perfectly daily.
  • Has some less options to configure:
  • Very Good!
  • It is now my favorite addon.
  • Great addon, however I have to open the image files directly before I can save them with multiprocess enabled. I can't just save them off a page. Firefox 43.
  • This has made saving pics from the web so much easier.
  • very usefull
  • This is great! I love it.
  • vey cool usefull
  • This is the addon that finally made me create an account that's how good it is, I could have saved so many hours of my life if I found this a couple years ago just negating save prompts alone. THANK YOU
  • 相当好用! 特别是最后一项试验功能!
  • This add-on lets you customize the 'Save Image As' context menu. I have it set to do so when I right-click an image and scroll my mousewheel down this addon 'saves image now', bypassing the 'where do you want to save this file?' popup window completely.

    I have 'save link as' mapped to right-click and mousewheel up, but it always launches the 'where do you want to save this file?' window. Could you write a companion addon 'context menu link saver', or add the functonality to this addon?
  • Must have !
  • Супер, когда сохраняешь много картинок
  • Quick save via context menu, it has the features like save without save as dialog, auto rename if the same file name exist & ability to add highly customizable context menu items. To only feature I would ask for is middle mouse click to save images.
  • Is there a option to save the image to a different format type other than the original version of image ?