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  • AWESOME idea, super useful ... except (as already pointed out) it overrides the default theme for "containerless" tabs.

    So you're trapped in an involuntary dark mode with this plugin, at least I am - reproducibly.
  • Overrides your default theme, for tabs NOT assigned to special purpose containers.
  • I absolutely love this add-on. My only wish (and likely a limitation of Firefox) is that the tabs themselves would stay the same color as the theme even when they're not active.
  • I just started using containers and this addon helps me immensely! If possible, would like to see more color options or able to use our own colors. I find the current colors a tad too bright. Thank you for your work!
  • The idea is great; we need such a thing. The execution, however, is not great. Sure, it is a good thing to have in this state, if you are heavily relying on containers and never open a single tab outside containers. But it disables the whole Theme aspect of Firefox altogether. I expected it to let me select separate themes for each container, as well as respect my theme choice for the uncontained sessions.
  • This add-on actually changes the current theme to match the container colour. The idea is great, the execution, not so great. Non-contained tabs, instead of keeping the active installed theme, are pushed to Firefox's built-in primary default theme.

    Also, the author reports a bug on Firefox regarding the impossibility of using pastel versions of the container colours. Considering that the add-on is capable of changing themes on-the-fly, instead of relying on Forefox's whatever-buggy-whatever, it could allow the users to select different themes for each container and one for uncontained tabs, effectively solving both problems.
  • Great idea! I love Container Tabs but this really makes them better. I'm not sure if something with the colors changed recently or what but they look quite nice to me, with a subtle gradient too. Good work. All I wish for now is an option to make the Default container color black instead of white. Thanks!
  • Excellent extension, thanks! Agree that colors are really too flashy
  • Very useful addon, but the colors are really too flashy...
    When do you think you could implement pastel colors? Do you have news for the Firefox bug? Could you give the bugzilla url for this bug?
    The best will to give an option for transparency from 0% to 100% (you could add a config slider in the extension settings).
  • That's a very convenient idea. This way I see clearly what container I got open and won't confuse or forget what container I'm using.
  • Theme for normal tabs goes to default firefox theme instead of my theme. Stays the same even when uninstalled. Otherwise is useful
  • Makes it really clear what container you are in. Huge usability boost. Thanks!
  • I use containers for admin account sites in special containers. The themes have reduced my error rate considerably!
  • When the colours issue is sorted out this will be a good extension.
  • Useful addon. The cues Firefox provides by default for current container are good but not enough. This addon fills what is missing. It makes it very obvious which container current tab belongs to. I am impressed that someone came up with this idea.

    Though there are two issues, at the time of writing, which I hope @jkt will resolve eventually.

    1. The colors are too bright
    2. https://github.com/jonathanKingston/containers-theme/issues/1
  • Whilst I've turned it off as the colours for containers all make the app look garish in my eyes, the extension does exactly what it says it will do. Personally I'd prefer more customised styling options for each container rather than just using that colour and splashing it in the tab bar area.
  • This helps me use containers more productively - it's now really obvious which container I'm in.
  • This is a great idea. Thank you for creating it.

    Unfortunately, it does not work at all for me.

    Also, why is it 2MB in size? That's very large for a simple extension.

    I think this extension has a lot of promise.
    It's probably the screenshot attached to this, I'll make sure I exclude it in the next build. Do you have containers enabled?

    This has since been fixed in the latest version. Assuming you have 57 then this will now work. Thanks.