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  • Just what I want.
    A little problem, I'm not sure whether I can use wildcard or regex in the domain list, hope can add instructions about it.

    Feature Request: hope can add a option, let opening new tab without container for unmatched domain, cause for my case it's almost unnecessary, though maybe the default behavior is useful for somebody.
  • Great use! But as someone suggested, I wish there is a default/fallback option where any website not matching any domain would be opened in a default container.
  • love it, but i wish it would open all websites by default in containers or at least to have an option to toggle on this behavior.
  • Works well. This seems great if you're using containers as a way to keep certain websites and account info quarantined in a container where it can't be read by other sites. Support for containerising based on regex pattern matching might be a good advanced feature.
  • I created an "untrusted" container and it does not work.
    Works fine on the default containers even after I renamed them but not with selfcreated.

    Please enhance the extension with an option to automatically add a rule if I open a website in a container. Copy pasting URLs into the extension consumes time.
    Thanks for your feedback. I'll take a look at this soon.
  • This is a great extension. Manually changing the containers was a serious limitation for me. This perfectly isolates my work, banking and personal surfing.

    It will be absolutely flawless even if you implement a very rudimentary wildcard support.

    Something like (*.google.com) should work for:


    To limit the complexity, you need not support partial wildcards, like (m*.google.com) or wildcards in the suffix (example - google.* for google.in, google.com etc).

    Good luck! :) Hope to see some sort of wildcard support in future updates.
    This feature is added in v2.1.0
  • Can you add wildcard support?
    Its a bit tricky to do given lots of sub level domains and lots of TLDs.
  • Instead of the current container assignment process which is quite basic today (hopefully it will improve), this addons makes the process so handy and mostly, easily maintainable. Thanks and long life to Firefox Quantum with Containers :)