67 notes
  • Configuration is arcane; settings aren't synced across browser sessions; 7/9 update broke the extension entirely. It works but needs work to shine.
  • This extension worked well for a week or 2. Then it lost all my site settings. Now it actively prevents sites from opening in anything but the default container. Got into a race condition where Facebook Container would open a link in a facebook container tab, and Containerise would try to open it a new tab with the default container. The resulted in several hundred tabs being opened non-stop, even after restarting the browser.

    PLEASE FIX THIS!!! I love the addon when it is working and I need something like this.
  • I really dig this extension since you can copy/paste the rules into a new browser.

    However even if I copy the example regex given it doesn't work. Glob works, regular rules work, but the Regex rules don't have any effect at all. Is there a setting or trick I'm missing?
  • Addition of Regex w/ URI matching is *PRICELESS*. Nice job! :)
  • Thanks! Merci !
  • Getting there, but could definitely use regexes. Possibly adding containers as well instead of the need to do so in preferences.

    Thanks for the addon :)
  • Pardon, can this addon work with the whole URL provided? For example, I am specifying a certain Google spreadsheet in Containerise settings, with the whole document ID, but the expected result does not seem to appear, that spreadsheet is still being opened in the default container.
  • multi-account containers is too limited for me.

    This add-on is getting there but needs regex support so that I can direct www.google.(co.uk|com) and others to a "tracking" container and console.cloud.google.com to a "company" container (because they use two different google accounts).

    Other people have mentioned wildcards, but that's going to be difficult to code effectively - regex will be a better option.

    To dev: "cookie autodelete" addon makes a great working model of how to demonstrate regex and wildcards effectively to the uninitiated.
  • Essenial addon for using containers. Sadly, stopped working properly in latest Nightly versions, tab reopens in some kind of loop.
  • Thank you. The only one that works for me.
  • Good job!
  • Simple and functional, love it!

    * autofill with current URL when adding a new rule
    * move save button below rules fields
  • Excellent, could use some work on the design side, but it functions perfectly.
  • The add-on seems very promising, but doesn't seem to work with Conex, I use intensively.
    Can the 2 be made compatible ? or even merged, if I dare to suggest ?
    They should be really complementary.
    Have nice day!
  • This is a great start - but it needs works:
    - Sync my settings between Firefox installs.
    - Set a default container

    Otherwise it works really well.