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  • Perfect! Combine this addon with the Temporary Containers (TC) addon, and you can automatically open links in its relevant container.

    Containerise lets you always reuse a specific container for a domain (e.g. youtube.com). TC allows you can create an isolated tab (like a Private Window, but in Tab form) per domain.

    You can make navigation away from 'saved' containers (such as YouTube), default to a general container, and you can make all navigation in containers that match a domain reopen in that domain container.

    You want to be careful with combining the two addons though, as you might get stuck in an infinite loop, where TC will keep creating new temporary containers. To get this to work, do the following:

    - install 'Firefox Multi-Account Containers' addon if you haven't already
    - install 'Containerise' addon
    - go to Settings > Addons > Containerise
    - enable the 'Default container'
    - install 'Temporary Containers' addon
    - go to Settings > Addons > Temporary Containers
    - enable 'Show popup when clicking toolbar icon'
    - [optional] under 'Container Number', select 'Reuse available numbers'
    - change to the 'Isolation' tab at the top, make sure you're on the 'Global' tab
    - under 'Navigation' and 'Mouse Click', change all the options to 'Different from Tab Domains and Subdomains'
    - [important] under 'Exclude Permanent Containers', select the 'Default' container you created at the start
    - under 'Multi-Account Containers', select 'Isolate'
    - at the top, select the 'Advanced' tab
    - expand the 'Popup' section and select 'Isolation Per Domain'
    - expand the 'Isolation' section and enable 'Instead of creating a new tab, replace the current tab in case of Isolation'
    - [optional] in the same section, enable 'auto-close leftover redirector tabs'

    Okay, now you have the 'default' container setup, everything not in a domain container should open in there.

    For each domain or login you want to group together, first create an entry in 'Containerise', then an entry in 'Temporary Containers'. I will use Reddit, YouTube and Google as an example. I want Reddit links to open in a Reddit container and I want to group the YouTube and Google links into its own container (since they share a Google login).

    First, the Reddit container, as it's simpler:
    - I open the 'Containerise' menu icon and select the 'CSV Editor' (the pencil icon) - warning this is a popup dialog and will disappear if you click away!
    - next, I add the following entries (everything inside the backticks):
    *reddit.com, Reddit
    reddit.com, Reddit

    - press the save icon at the bottom and you're done!
    You see 2 entries, because I want old.reddit.com to also be included (this is important later).
    Time to add it to 'Temporary Containers':
    - I open the options through the orange '+' icon in the top-right corner
    - then I head to Isolation > Per Domain
    - under 'Domain Pattern' section, I add (without quotes): 'reddit.com' (note how I don't need the * here)
    - under 'Always open in' section, select 'Enabled' and tick the box for 'Disable if Navigation in Temporary Containers' (this will leave your domain containers in 'Containerise' alone)
    - press the 'Add reddit.com' button at the bottom and you'll see an entry in the bottom area
    You're done! Try opening 'reddit.com' and 'old.reddit.com', login and you should see both are in the same container. Feel free to customise the container, changing the colours and icons etc. If you open a non-domain whilst inside the 'Reddit' container, it will open in the 'Default' container. Likewise, if you open a Reddit link in a different container (such as the 'Default'), it will open inside the 'Reddit' container.

    For the trickier grouping of my 'Google' container, I will do the same but include 'google.com' as well as 'youtube.com' in my steps (you may need to add your country local version as well. e.g. 'google.co.uk' - this part is important, or you may get infinite tabs opening!).
  • Latest Firefox 72.0.1 for Linux Mint broke colors for different containers.
  • Essential tool. Interface is not absolutely perfect. 4.49 stars.
  • Don't know if the Dev reads the reviews but here's mine. I like this extension a lot, nothing wrong and keeps accounts for example YouTube in its own container, however I have multiple accounts on YouTube mostly for a fresh start away from my main one as its sub box is crowded. When I set YouTube for its container and open another container (I.E. Personal) I want to be able to have that container be exempt from the rule I set for the YouTube container so that it doesn't just change the container to the YouTube container I set.
  • Totally works, but does not put colored line on tab. please enable the colored tab :)
  • Very useful addon. I was about to develop something myself but this work extremely well. The mechanism to record new domain takes some time getting used to but is eventually very effective. Might be great to have a way to access the addon settings page from the popup. Thanks for your work on this!
  • Very cool!

    Replaces all those separate "Facebook container", "Google container", "Amazon container", etc. with one extension.

    New "Default container" feature is awesome, even more so considering it can also optionally create and destroy temporary containers.

    CSV import and wildcard/regex support are killer features, which make it possible to create AdBlock-like public lists, so I've created some that I use myself (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, reddit, vk.com, Russian banks, etc.):


    Would be nice to have AdBlock-like domain list subscription and management to make containers more usable for non-tech mainstream users.

    Thanks for this awesome extension!
  • Much better as the Firefox original (rules edit)
  • works better than the official extension!
  • Cannot open any website after installing Containerise on android.
  • Absolutely and integral part of the container set up. The only problem that I've seen is that sometime, particularly after an update. I would recommend making a back up text of what you put in just in case. Developer, I will change to 5 stars if you implement a way to backup.
  • It totally saved all the hassle of me assigning separate websites to each container. Now my browser is all neatly organized!
  • wäre sehr schön wenn es funktionieren würde
    tut es aber nicht..