55 notes
  • Much better as the Firefox original (rules edit)
  • works better than the official extension!
  • Cannot open any website after installing Containerise on android.
  • Absolutely and integral part of the container set up. The only problem that I've seen is that sometime, particularly after an update. I would recommend making a back up text of what you put in just in case. Developer, I will change to 5 stars if you implement a way to backup.
  • It totally saved all the hassle of me assigning separate websites to each container. Now my browser is all neatly organized!
  • wäre sehr schön wenn es funktionieren würde
    tut es aber nicht..
  • Best container app. Auto containerize by regex instead of install a extension per domain.
  • Tried it for a day and it didn't work at all. I saved many variations of the same domain to certain container types but no dice. Don't know why and I'm not wasting anymore time on it.
  • Great add-on to automatically open in a specific container.
    Sadly the versions 3.2.0 and 3.1.0 are broken. Go to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/containerise/versions/ and install 3.0.1 until kintesh fixes the bug.
  • Configuration is arcane; settings aren't synced across browser sessions; 7/9 update broke the extension entirely. It works but needs work to shine.
  • This extension worked well for a week or 2. Then it lost all my site settings. Now it actively prevents sites from opening in anything but the default container. Got into a race condition where Facebook Container would open a link in a facebook container tab, and Containerise would try to open it a new tab with the default container. The resulted in several hundred tabs being opened non-stop, even after restarting the browser.

    PLEASE FIX THIS!!! I love the addon when it is working and I need something like this.
  • Addition of Regex w/ URI matching is *PRICELESS*. Nice job! :)
  • Thanks! Merci !
  • Getting there, but could definitely use regexes. Possibly adding containers as well instead of the need to do so in preferences.

    Thanks for the addon :)