498 notes
  • I removed from my screen by mistake, how I get it again in my laptop screen?
  • très bien
  • Very slow, lots of bug.
    Sometimes break page completely.
  • The picker didn't work well for me:
    - No real-time color feedback
    - No disabling of page links while picking colors... (annoying)
    - Didn't actually pick anything unless it was inside the color selector... which isn't actually color picking as far as I can tell.
    - The color analyzer was slow for me on a i7 7700K @5Ghz + 16 GB of RAM
    - There's a working color picker already in the browser by pressing F12 (DevTools)
  • Super!
  • Cannot sample colors from images. Feels somewhat bloated with features, and occasionally causes browser to load pages slowly.

    Still better than most other color-picker add-ons I've tried. Works on animated elements too.
  • Tried a bunch of others. This is the only one that works for me on the Mac. Very nicely done.
  • the best
  • https://my.mail.ru/
  • All it does is cause the page to freeze ... "script slowing down FF." It used to work great and now it sucks. It's this way on 2 different computers, both running FF 60.0
  • Great add-on! I've been searching for a long time plugin similar to ColorPicker Eyedropper from Opera.
  • 很好用
  • Good
  • supp.
  • Seems not be working at all in Firefox 59. A shame, as this has been one of my favourite add-ons of recent years. Hope you can find time to look at it :-)
  • FABULOUS is the only way to describe ColoZilla. Have been using it for almost a decade and derived immeasurable benefit from it.
  • Works but the Tabs Color are very Ugly. In the Old Firefox iot looks better.