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  • This theme is very stunning! The only problem I have with it (and this is on my Mac, not sure if it would be the same on my PC) is the title text in the title bar is grey and barely readable. It needs to be white just like the tab text and bookmarks in the toolbar. Other than that, this is awesome!! Thanks!
  • very colourful
  • love it
  • Cool! I like all the colors. :)
  • its beautiful..i love dis theme
  • That's psychedelic!
  • beautiful picture
  • It looks like a rainbow galaxy in outer space!
  • verry nice ^^
  • Lovely theme
    Many theme's won't work any-more in Firefox 14.
    However with this background installed I don't need another one.
    Flashy and beautiful like a firework.
  • So vibrant, and so eye catching
  • this is my all time favorite
  • I love the way the colors pop out against the black! Very Striking!
  • This is totally awesome, I just love fractal art. The colors are gorgeous, and this one caught my attention immediately.
  • Eye-catching & beautiful. I was amazed the first time I saw this design. The colors and the overall design is so striking. ★10/5 stars!
  • Just beautiful. This is one of the few persona's that cover my entire toolbar. (The good majority just cover the right side of my toolbar or just the right corner which I find to be wasted use of space) This has vibrant colors that make it look very appealing. I've searched long and hard to find a persona that didn't look incomplete or dull. I believe I found my new favorite for a very long time.
  • love the colors
  • Please Make A Windows 7 Theme Of This. I Love It. Good Work.
  • Stunning work!
  • Eye-catching. Wow!
  • awesome i love how the colors look omg it's so great
  • Good Work
  • C'est joli
  • I like my toolbars compact, so I prefer very colorful personals like yours, thanks!
  • Colorful, without being too busy. Icons and text can be easily seen and the image is sharp and clear. Looks great, even on a smaller resolution.