86 critiques pour ce module
  • Simple not working
  • Unusable with dark theme!
  • Just keep Version
    (or get it from historical versions) and you are done.
  • Pre WebExtensions: 5/5. Post WebWentensionse: 0/5. Completely useless now. Serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever and does nothing at all. Downgrading to XUL based version, and switching to browser that still uses XUL. This was foreseeable and inevitable due to not merely to WebExtensions but Mozilla's complete and total failure to provide a competent API, using FUD to justify a neutered WebExtensions API and interface. To hell with Mozilla. Thanks to this developer for trying, but there's no point anymore.
  • This extension along with aria2c are among the greatest time savers. I use it regularly and send the generated download commands to my main machine via a remote terminal. It's even easier now to edit the output filename in cases where it doesn't catch the correct filename (sometimes the captured filenames contain illegal characters like / or :).

    Thanks and keep up the good work. Five stars. But please replace illegal characters like / or : to underscore or dash in captured filenames.
  • Awesome tool! Life-saver!
  • Was looking for the right click and generate the curl command to download. Where is it? Will update rating if my question is answered. Thanks.

    Still desperately looking for old right clicking function. was able to find a addon for chrome

  • I missed cliget a lot!
  • Glad to see cliget is back on Firefox, great tool, can't go too long without it. Thanks!
  • Very useful when you need to download something to your headless machines.
  • It's still great even with the limited WebExtensions API!
  • This add-on takes the "copy to cURL" functionality of the Network Traffic analyzer in Firefox (and the equivalent in Chrome), and combines it with your session's cookie, to allow you to download a file from behind a login-protected webserver to a server with no web-browser, and without having to actually enter your credentials. I use this addon all the time, and it is one of my favorite tools.

    Thank you Zaid!!
  • Glad to see Cliget is compatible with Firefox57 and up!

    If you download information that is updated daily, or a program frequently, instead of wasting a precious time visiting that website regularly, you can automate the download with applications such as Aria, Curl or Wget. The problem is that these applications require quite complex commands. Cliget facilitates this work offering us a command that can be directly integrated into a sh or bat file, since Aria, Curl and Wget are available for Lin/Mac/Win platforms such Cliget. As simple as starting a download, Cliget already provides us with a link with all the necessary variables that can be used for next needed downloads. In addition, you can add custom variables. That way, you do not have to fight against the command line manually, and expose yourself to possible human error, or simply waste time with visiting each web page. Too bad I can not give more than 5 stars, because this program is a must-have for SysAdmins like me!
  • I used this add-on a lot in the pre-FF57 days, so glad to have it back using WebExtensions API. Thanks!
  • I used to love this plugin back before Firefox 57.0. Unfortunately, the new version - due to limtations of the new API - is not as nearly as useful as the old one, but I will still rate it 5/5 for effort.
    The right-click context menu is missing but it will be added soon. That feature in particular is not due to API limitation. Integrating cliget into the save-as dialog, however, is a WebExtensions limitation.
  • One of the best add-on for Firefox. Finally compatible with Firefox 57+. Very nice! ;-)
  • It was a one-time bug. After reinsalling add-on and restarting FF everything works fine.
    It's completely optional and shouldn't be stopping the built-in DM from functioning normally. So this might be a bug. I don't think you can reply here so please open an issue on Github and describe the problem in more details.
  • Awesome tool, thanks!
  • Not compatible with firefox Quantum.
    Please update 57+ !!
    Here you go. I believe a 5-star review is in order now?
  • Extrêmement pratique.
    Permet de télécharger depuis un terminal n'importe quel lien de téléchargement.
    Vivement une version compatible FF 57
  • For me the best
    I m sad because dont work anymore in versio 57.0
    Please help with this
    You got it :)
  • Este complemento es magnífico funciona genial. Es muy útil a para descargar archivos masivamente especialmente de páginas en las que es necesario loguearse con usuario y contraseña.
  • This is such a useful add-on. I really hope it will get updated to work post Firefox 57
    Your wish is my command :)
  • Pls fix
  • Have been using this for a long time, very useful, but needs updating to the new extensions format. I haven't been able to find anything like this that will run on firefox nightly so far.
    It will hopefully be updated by the time Firefox 57 is released.