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  • It's not a bad addon, it only clears a small amount. where if you do it from your options, firefox clears all. SO I won't be using this again. Thank you anyway. Unless you can have it so it clears all, then I'll think about using it again. I'm rating this 3 stars.
  • I'll give it 5 stars after I use it for a few weeks. So far I like it!
  • I just find that you can close notification on Clear Cache option, Open Menu - Add-ons - Extensions - Clear Cache - Options - Untick Show Notification Box - Save Preference.
  • I've had a terrible time with hard drive fragmentation, and Firefox eliminated the size of its cache-size adjustment. Out of the box, the cache is 1 gigabyte!! (Allegedly, you can go into about:config and reduce that to 250 MB.) After a couple of hours of browsing, I've been getting 4000 fragmented files and 20,000 fragments. C'mon Firefox; have a heart.

    But after clicking Clear Cache, the number of fragmented files drops to 200!

    This Clear Cache add-on gives you a choice between clicking and getting a "notification" pop-up to confirm that the cache was cleared, or clicking and getting no notification. I think you need a notification to confirm the action occurred. But there should be an option to have the pop-up disappear after a few seconds, instead of requiring the user to click a tiny x in the corner of the notification each time. That would cut the number of clicks necessary by 50%.
  • Great little addon. Does what it should.
    You can check its work if you enter
    - about:cache
    in the url-line. In all 3 Parts (memory, disk, appcache) everything cleared.
    Only problem: F9 is now the (new) hotkey for this addon. Why not asking if i want it ? And why not a setting where i can change it easily ?
    Btw, you can change all Hotkeys for addons at the addon-page, at the settings (icon).
  • Me ayuda
  • Hi I want ask is this working when use private browsing?
  • Kamil Jaszkowiak
  • Clashes with Firefox's reader shortcut F9