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Please find someone to continue development (e.g. continuing check on closed tabs).

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Add-ons like this one are a major bandwidth drain on website owners. If you like a web page, DO NOT USE EXTENSIONS LIKE THIS! You're helping kill them financially. Just refresh when you go back to the page manually.

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Must Have Addition Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

I really wish I could contact you Ronen about this idea. I wish I knew how to code cause I would try to accomplish this. Basically I want it where the program not only selects a group of text to see if it's updated, but it also copies the newly changed text automatically into the clipboard so it can be pasted almost instantly. Now to take it one step further. What if you could copy the selected text and specify where you want to paste it (even across another tab). As soon as a change is detected, it copies and pastes instantly for the user. One thing that would greatly be appreciated is if you could specify a text size. Say you know that the change on the webpage is going to be 9 characters long. You can have the script detect 9 characters and throw away lets say extra spaces after the 9 characters. So the script finds the change, knows exactly what the user wants (character length), it copies the text instantly, and pastes it where the user wants it. I will worship you if you complete this!!!

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I'd like more functionality with this plugin Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

We should be able to use this plug in to find out when this marked text becomes this on a web page. Not just when it changes. I would like functionality for it to find when 998 becomes 1009. and Only then does it come up with an alert. Sort of like an alarm clock. see this site is giving something free when a post hits 100000 and its at like 998000 right now. Is there anything you can do for me? Thanks.

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"Note: C4C currently only works with open tabs. It does not continue to monitor tabs that have closed, nor does it remember running jobs between FireFox restarts. These features will be implemented in an upcoming release."

If I'm not totally mistaken, this was already promised years ago, or at least more then one year...

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For years, I have used ReloadEvery, and just never noticed Check4Change. Now I wonder why I didn't start using it sooner!

This is absolutely wonderful for checking the status of turn-based game sites. With ReloadEvery, changes would appear, but since I'm not always right in front of the computer, I would never know unless I kept going back to look at the screen every once in a while.

Now that it has (instantly) become indispensable to me, I have a "wish list" of the things that would make it perfect.

1) Custom sound selection for each watched page, to make it easier to know, from afar, WHICH page has changed.

2) Have an option so that any mouse-click WITHIN the page (not just on the tab) will mark the page as "seen." This will save a step when (using game pages as an example) one middle-clicks a link on the page to open the changed game in a new tab while still allowing C4C to monitor the original page.

3) Have an option for a selection to be the absolute base point for a page, so that if the page returns to that state, it will not be considered a change. For example, once one has taken a turn in a changed game after having opened it in a new tab, there is no need for notification when the original page returns to the "no games waiting" state.

4) Have an option to remember the base state of a site that is bookmarked, so that when one opens that bookmark, C4C would already begin monitoring the page.

5) Add an option (and/or, perhaps, a button one would be able to put into the status bar and/or toolbar) to stop the monitoring of ALL pages currently being monitored.

6) As user "Acing" mentioned, add the ability to monitor a picture for change. That may be difficult to do for an actual picture, especially with the potential memory-usage considerations, but perhaps checking to see if the image file name has changed (i.e. there is a different picture in the original spot) would suffice.

7) For advanced users, add an option to monitor according to DOM selection, as with the way the AdBlock Plus Element Hiding Helper works.

8) Add an option for whether or not to highlight the monitored portion of pages which have changed. There APPEARS to be an option for this in the C4C context menu, but either it doesn't work, or that menu item is for something else.

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excellent Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

.........Well you could make so that it makes logs of when did the change occured.

i agreed. Good idea.

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add more feature Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

hmm can you add for check for picture change?

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Room for Improvement Noté 2 sur 5 étoiles

This extension something that I needed because I often refresh the same web page several times (for example the BBC News website).

I am happy and willing to contribute to this extension because it can be really useful and could be improved.

Here are my suggestions:

Start off with the really simple things.
I first downloaded C4C just for one reason - automatic page reload. But I soon found out that I had to do something else first (which I didn't want) before C4C could do what I wanted it do. I didn't want C4C to check for a particular change within the web page, just reload the page automatically. The text highlighting should not be something that HAS to be done, it should be optional.

As one other reviewer mentioned, C4C could keep a log of any changes (images, text, video etc)

You might also want to let users check 4 changes instantly (even if they have set a timer) by allowing to double click on the tab. Users might not always wait for the timer or might want to check 4 changes shortly after a check has been carried.

One other recommendation I would make is to have a feature where you can view the changes in real time. This could be done by loading the before and after page in tabs. This gives the user the opportunity to view and compare the changes by seeing the changes (rather than just being able to read the changes in the log).

Keep in mind about what the users want to see in C4C.

As this is the first time I have used this extension, I can't say much about it at this time but there is definitely room for improvement because there people who will find it useful.

I will keep an eye out for updates and write more reviews. Feel free to contact me if you want more information about what I wrote.

Rated 2 stars for the idea and the effort the developer put in to make this extension.

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I really like this add on, and is very useful to me. But I would recommend one little update to it that would be very useful (well at least to me). Well you could make so that it makes logs of when did the change occured.

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Beautiful! Needs more options. Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Check4Changes is a wonderful utility, great for checking free e-mail sites that don't have POP3, CraigsList Free Stuff, online auction bid updating, and just about anything else.

Users should be able to set individual pages to produce different sound alert events selectable by .wav file, with the option of producing a silent alert. The animated favicon is enough of an alert when the user would prefer to be alerted silently.

And yes, if a page has not been updated it should not be loaded. Only the selected text should be checked for changes, and when C4C finds a changed webpage it should, at the user's option, then update the new version of the page as the unchanged state, rather than continue to report the same fresh page as having new changes at every interval.

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This *was* a great utility, but now generates too many "false positives" for changes; I think because it doesn't ignore Flash?

It really needs to be updated so that it *only* checks changes to highlighted text, instead of just checking for any change anywhere on a page.

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Works As described Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Works exactly as described. The options are well thought out.
A recommendation: An option to change the sound notification. The song gives me away at work :)
Overall it's been a huge time-saver, Thank you!

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Please continue to update Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

This extension is extremely valuable for websites that do not support RSS. With most pages it works great! However there are a few pages that will lose the highlighting and give a false alert. There are a few little changes that would make it easier to use as well. You should be able to set the delay between refresh and check in the default preferences, add a toolbar button, and have the checker look for a preset word to appear. This is already a great extension and any further updates are greatly appreciated!

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Relative position Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

hi, c4c should have a option to check a text relative to something
like on forums, check for number of answers relative to my topic
would be great

and c4c should download a page in the background, and if there was a change then firefox reload the page, if no update found, dont refresh

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