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Ronen Zilberman

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Pourquoi le module Check4Change a-t-il été créé ?

Check4Change was created when I realized that I sometimes frantically press the Reload button waiting for something to be updated, losing precious time and tranquility in the process...

When I searched for available solutions I found some great options that could do this. The problem was they were too great. Too many options, too much setting up, too much clutter. While these solution are good for complex problems, I wanted to create something simple for that time when you are waiting for your grade scores to appear, or that new email to arrive...

Prochaine étape pour Check4Change

It's always surprising to me how something that sound simple is far from it.
No matter how many times I learn this lesson, it keeps slapping me in the face every once in a while.

Check4change is no exception.
I've been developing it constantly in the past (many months), fixing bugs (mine and FireFox's), adding features, improving usability and more.

I am working on an option to send email notifications as a result of a change. This requires usage of an external server so it adds to the complexity.
Apart from that the to-do list is big and getting bigger thanks to your valuable feedback.

I hope to make a feature wish-list page where users could vote for the the most needed features so I could prioritize them.

I would like to thank all my users for their valuable feedback and support. It really is what drives me to continue this work.

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Information développeur
Nom Ronen Zilberman
Pays Israel
Profession Student
Utilisateur depuis March 5, 2007
Nombre de modules développés 2 modules
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Qui est Ronen Zilberman ?

Hi,<br>My name is Ronen, and I am really enthusiastic about freeware development!<br><br>I believe that software should be made freely available to everyone. We should all have the richest possible experience, having access to the best software available. <br><br>But as this is the real world, and software development and maintenance is a costly affair, I believe that the software's user base should support its development. I should be able to use software, nag free, forever, but if I derive value from it, I'd be happy to help keep it going, for me and for everyone else.<br><br>Free software.<br>Support by the community.<br>Everybody wins.<br><br>My 2 cents.. :)