102 critiques pour ce module
  • If you are using Linux use vi or vim to edit the files without extracting the files with 7-zip.
  • Followed the guidelines posted by Alan and replaced the old version with "56.0." ... now it works perfectly! Thanks Alan!
  • I am currently using it with Thunderbird 52.1.1 even if it says that it is incompatible. The problem only comes from a version number in the files A procedure is described on the maintenance forum to make it work (http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=1520265&start=1755).

    I'll try to give more details:
    0. The objective here is to modify the version number in 3 files to allow Thunderbird to install the theme. It's a bit annoying to have to do it, but it's totally worth it!
    1. Download the file. It will have a name close to charamel-2.0.1-fx+tb.xpi
    2. Open this file with an archive manager, like 7-zip or even the Explorator from Windows. Double-click or right-click and "Open with..." and select the archive manager.
    3. You will have 3 files, install.rbf, charamel.xpi and silvermelxt.xpi.
    4. Open install.rbf. Search for the number of the last version of Thunderbird that the current page says it is compatible with. As I am writing, it is 52.0a2. Replace all occurrences with your Thunderbird version number. To find it, go the Help menu and click on About Thunderbird. Save the file and the archive manager will normally asks if you want to update the archive. Answer yes.
    5. Double-click on charamel.xpi, it will open a new window with the content of the file. You will see some files: preview.png, license.txt, install.rdf, icon.png, copyright.txt, chrome.manifest and a folder chrome. As before, edit install.rdf and change the version number. Save the file and accept the update of the both archives.
    6. Finally, same procedure with the last file silvermelxt.xpi. Edit the install.rdf file and accept the archive update.
    7. Now it is time to install it in Thunderbird. Go to the module manager, click on the small cogwheel on the top level and choose install from file. Select the file, and enjoy the theme!

    I hope it will help some people. In my opinion, it should be the default Thunderbird theme!
    Give a comment to show your support to the theme developer.
  • I'd be happy to donate on a regular basis for both Silvermel as well as Charamel but since you don't, I won't.
  • Hi, I came across a minor glitch while using charamel. I always manually clear my cookies after every browsing session but when charamel was active, I couldnot see my cookies in the list, I turned on another theme and then could see the cookies. I think same glitch exists with silvermel too. Have posted the link to the snaps.


    Will be very very glad if this could be rectified as I really really like it, the best among appearance themes if you ask me.

    ----Already rectified----
  • Fine works with Firefox 50.New versions can be found at http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=1520265&sid=1147f81c973f18fe0feef105cfcde8b8&start=1710
  • Very nice and made with care.
  • Supposedly incompatible with FireFox 43.0.4, but runs perfectly when enabled with checkCompatibility 1.3.1, which is another wonderful add-on for users with some experience..
  • Charamel 1.6.1 works fine with TB 38! Great experience. ShareBird, thanks again!!!
  • Hey, guys, you still live there? Without your work most do not want to work. Continue, please something that so used hundreds of thousands of users!
  • Just updated to 33.0.3 and lost my wonderful theme! I hope there are plans to update it soon.
  • "Not available for Firefox 33.0" Please fix this. This theme is amazing , it makes me so sad i can't have it.
  • A wonderful theme that I use since few years. Practical and clear. Includes few things I don't find on standard themes, e.g. fine tuning of the fast research tool: Waaouuuhhh ! Incompatible with new Thunderbird 31.1.2 on Linux... please keep updating if you can : you make a really nice tool :-)
    I didn't yet... but I promises I'll offer you a beer this time !
  • Tip: Disable the addon compatibility check and it works fine!
  • Please update to the newest TB version! Charamel is the best theme for TB and I don't wanna miss it in the future because of incompatibility. :/
  • schott. noch immer kein upfdate aufs die neueste thunderbird-version 24.1.1.
  • I really love this theme. Please update it for the newest version.
  • This by far the best theme I ever used. It works great with FF23 too ! Thank you, and I hope you'll keep update it for many years.
  • I keep postponing to update my Firefox in order to retain this theme. This is the best theme that I ever found, love it! Please update it to be compatible with the latest Firefox version, thanks!
  • JK on the Firefox Add-ons for the Silvermel theme provided the following fix so Silvermel works with FF22: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15467633/Firefox/Themes/silvermel_bundle_1.5.5pre_trunk_r5800.xpi

    I edited that fix substituting "charamel" for "silvermel": http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15467633/Firefox/Themes/charamel_bundle_1.5.5pre_trunk_r5800.xpi

    BINGO, now the great Charamel theme is running with FF22.
  • Why you are not making your Silvermel & Charamel for Latest Thunderbird Vision contacted.

    Latest is Thunderbird 24.https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/pages/review_guide0a1
  • This is the only theme I use for Firefox and Thunderbird. I was devastated when I updated FF recently and had to use the default theme. Nothing comes even close to this one with the soft colors.
  • Excellent. Love the full length Add Tab button too. Truely excellent. Possible to change colour of theme at all??
  • Just beautiful! Love the warm colors and fun icons. Love this addon!
  • Thankyou for updating this theme to work on Thunderbird 15