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For the past few days, this addon "freezes" firefox, whenever I visit rapidshare:(..There seem to be multiple popups. I've done all that can be done with the exceptions. Don't know what is going on. Still great addon!

Edit: This could be a rapidshare problem.

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I couldn't reproduce the problem, visited and got only one notification without any freezing..

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Hello! Not sure whether this is an error...Ever time I login to any site, I get the following message. I think it's normal, but please check guys!:

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (1.2.5). 


No it is not normal. Several people have observed things like that - I myself never encountered it but with the help from engaged supporters we found a way to fix this behavior in the 1.2.6 and 1.3.6beta versions. They should appear on soon. You can also get a preview copy from the addon homepage.

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Hello! I had my first "warning" today:)...I was visiting a blogger site and the addon warned or rather said that certificate has been exchanged. I'm posting it here for the benefit of the others.

Maybe...just could add an option so that it would "deny" the site if the certificate has been changed?

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (1.0). 

Deny the certificate

Hi.. I noticed some XUL settings were misplaced which define the size of the pop-up. Version 1.0.1 should open up the pop-ups in acceptable widths so the SHA1's do not overlap as in your snapshot.

Other than that, no - there is no way to deny a certificate - CertPatrol only gets to see the certificate when Mozilla has already accepted it. All you can do is close the window and cry wolf or something.

Update: I thought about it some more. Even if Mozilla accepted the certificate, it still makes a difference if you'll be warned the next time or not. I plan to add such a feature ASAP.

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So far, so good:)...It would be very nice if there was an option to show the certificates which have been added so far by this addon, so that the user can choose to delete the specific certificate (if such a necessity occurs!)....Thanks again!

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Nice idea for security conscious users! Biggest irony...I came to know of this addon after following up on this story:

and then clicking on a bugzilla link:

and one more thing...Is this (somewhat) similar to this addon:

Thanks! Keep up the good work!

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SSL Blacklist

Hi there! Thanks. A simple wish for things to be done differently led to a very simple add-on that does things differently. On Bugzilla Gerv says there are several extensions that do this job, but I couldn't find any. SSL Blacklist does a different job: It looks for a specific weakness in old certs and makes your browser check each certificate you bump into with a blacklist hosted at (or you can download it). That's a much harder job than what Patrol does, since an extension can't tell whether a certificate was done with MD5 from Javascript, so that blacklist needs to be maintained externally.
The site states: "MD5 has been all but retired from daily use for years now. You're not very likely to come across an important website with a certificate that has been signed using MD5-RSA. If you do, however, tread carefully."