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I suppose you're going to make a few bucks by selling out to "SmartLinks", but I don't want any of that stuff. And the "Decline" button doesn't even work!! And even after you kill the "Accept" window, there's loads of "GetSmartlink" stuff left in "pref.js".

Dear, oh, dear. What have you done, Marc?

No more calculator for me.

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Thank you for pointing out this recent bug which we have tracked down and fixed in the opt-in page on our web server and verified it no longer occurs. SmartLinks is an opt-in service that provides links to sources such as wikipedia. It is not required to run calculator and is only installed if you click the Accept button on the SmartLinks opt-in dialog. At any time if you change your mind you can remove it by going to the Firefox -> Tools -> SmartLinks menu and disabling or removing it.