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  • Unfortunately, not only does this extension not work, but It seems to be able to be detected by Captchas, and won't let you though.
  • Captcha detects extension, useless.
  • really good! unfortunately, most sites with captcha that i've visited have disabled the audio challenge. 😩
  • It does the job!

    As someone who uses Firefox, stays logged out of Google, and for that matter uses Privacy Badger and the Google Container add-on... Google can't identify me very well, and I get a lot of recaptchas. I've largely given up on trying to fill them out.

    But the few times I've bothered, this extension has solved them very quickly. Cheers to that!
  • works great! but not always ... :(
  • Not working anymore
  • Doesnt work at all
  • Amazing addon!!!!!
  • Good
  • Didn't work for me, got the "automated queries" warning right away.
  • It works like it should be. The main flaw of it is that it answers very quickly and captcha system notice it's automated, making you having to wait.
  • einfach praktisch
  • Пока что дополнение работает хорошо, надеюсь так будет и в дальнейшем.