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  • eklenti çalışmıyo
  • 5 star if compatible with firefox 57
  • this ^^^
  • Successful on much fewer sites than it once was.
  • Doesn't work on any website anymore
  • Работает, просто мало кто создаёт открытые aкккаунты. Все хотят лишь пользоваться. Не нравиться- сделайте лучше.
    Works, simply little who creates opened acccreditation. All want only to use. Dislike- do better.
    Почаще заходите на сайт.More often call at on siteBugMeNot.
  • This is better version
  • Design looks good and was very useful in the past. Now it has limited usefulness because bugmenot.com allows sites to block their domains so you can't use bugmenot to log in. I now encounter this on most of the sites I have wanted to use.
  • Попробовал ~50 сайтов не на один не смог зайти!
  • I can only thank the people who developed this very useful and qualitative add-on. Keep on!
  • I've worked with bugmenot in the past and I can say that I'm mainly satisfied with the way it handles and performs on Mozilla's Firefox browser. I am extremely satisfied with the included functionality and the way it handles the performance.
  • Расширение справляется с своими задачами, не везде правда,но считаю его необходимым.
  • Спасибо, я давно искал нечто подобное.
  • This addon was great, but the authors of this extention had a stupid idea to allow everyone to block their site so that you can't use bugmenot to log in there.
    So now almost every site is blocked and this extention is dead...
  • Just updated from ver 2.2 to ver 3 on FF28.0 and so far seems to be working on the couple of sites I've tried.
    Options seem to be no longer available.
  • This addon used to work well for sites that I wanted to visit one time to read an article and thus didn't want to share my info to yet another website. Sadly, it no longer works. I uninstalled it after several years of use. If I see reviews that state that it's working again, I might try it again.
  • It not working anymore, so update it please!
  • The basic idea is very good - you have to register on many websites to use certain functions, but don't want to. Unfortunately, the "fake accounts" some people created manually seem to be quickly discovered and deleted by most website admins, so it is pretty useless. It does not even work here!It might be a better approach to offer a "half-automatic" sign-up-process, with something like mailinator (several of the domains they offer should be tried), where you only have to manually enter the catchpa you usually see.So for now, I'm sorry but I'm uninstalling it, I'm fed up.
  • The instructions seem to be targeted for experts +, which I am not. Don't get me wrong, I'm no dummy, but I'm not an expert however, my girlfriend IS and she can't understand the "destructions" either. And yes, I did read the online info @bugmenot, as did my gf. Great idea, but if regular folks can't use it,... what's the point??

    Suggestions and comments by any / all are very welcome.

    Kind regards,
    /Lover of the Fibonacci Sequence/
  • Bugmenot did get me into a few sites, but not others (as mentioned by various users). One of the biggest problems is the inability to submit logins to bugmenot (which users are supposed to be able to do, according to the prompt you see when bugmenot has no login for a site).

    I tried several times to submit a login I created, and bugmenot's page gave me an error. Not sure why, as the login truly worked.
  • I was expecting people to comment under bugmenot's name. Did no one create an account for mozilla or was it removed?
  • an update would be lovely please.
  • Если вы будете использовать эту штуку в вк.ком, то вы вероятней всего попадете в временный бан через ваш ip.