40 critiques pour ce module
  • It is very hard to figure out, and it takes forever to load. It also messes with your home and search pages. Do not download!!
  • Malware. (But Firefox doesn't care, has been reported, but the report button on this page is just a scam, just like this addon)
    Really disappointed the way Mozilla cares about users safety.
  • If u like to play with personas once in a while and you want something pretty at the top of your FIREFOX you should definitely use this program. It is simple, very well made and has NO SIDEEFFECTS. I do not agree with many of the above critics. Firefox is not my main browser, Google is for the serious stuff but if I want to enjoy a picture with glitters or similar and I want to expand this pic, then this program fits like a glove.
    I think these critics do not know how to use browsers. Some are made for work, some not. Firefox is not my 'serious' browser where I do business. Firefox is a kind of holiday browser for ME. And the personas I use r funny and prettier with this program. Good Bye!
  • Something kept grabbing a hold of my system. Scans with different program target this program. Even after I uninstalled it and quarantined it, it came back three more times. I wouldn't advise this add on at all.
  • What a hell is going on? Why This add-on acts like a trojan. Why it shows tons of adds blocking normal workflow? Mozila in Russian means LOOSER. And now you becomes right with your name. I think you should say sorry and remove this scrap from EVERY browser. Or you will goes to hell!!!!!!!!
  • This extension isn't meant to stand on its own. It's in order for other extensions to work. So many reviews here say it is useless, but it is good if you have an extension that requires it. That said, advertising/social media icons are an annoying default, but can be turned off.
  • DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! I CANNOT BELEIVE MOZILLA ALLOWED THIS, STOOPING TO THE LOW LEVELS OF GOOGLE! I'm trying to start a petition so Mozilla revets its policy to disallow spyware...
  • Is it possible to give minus five stars instead of any?
    I spent over three hours cleaning off my brand new MacBook Air after this Add On installed spyware that hijacked my search and installed at least two other programs onto my system. I have had to go into the registry and still not sure that I've got it all cleaned up. How is this even legal? If they were even close to up front about it, these programs would have un-intallers and not so many hidden files and infected code.
  • This addon is a very bad addon.
    It has tons of ads, creates a toolbar, it's just filed with junk, don't download it.
    Report it.
  • Agree with everyone else. DO NOT INSTALL THIS! It seems harmless at first (I had it on my machine for over 2 yrs) but it installs malware on your machine! I recently started getting weird spam pages depending on what links I clicked on. I can't believe FireFox still lists this as a "safe" plug-in, it isn't!
  • Yes, technically it does allow you to get themes. But at the cost of redecorating your browser with their adverts, allowing them to insert spam in any form in your browser, "hijack" it, reset your searchbar, homepage, themes, add advertisements, etc. I tried it and was NOT happy with it.

    I wanted to link to the 10th section in particular, but there wasn't a table of contents. So here's a piece of the agreement that shows what I'm talking about:

    "10. Third Party Content; Advertising.


    Brand Thunder may deliver third-party Advertisements in the form of coupons, price-comparisons, display media, affiliate links and other links through means including but not limited to the content of any web page accessed, plug-ins, add-ons, or the browser itself. Advertisements may be injected to overlay the page or inserted directly into the page content. User hereby acknowledges and consents that Brand Thunder may alter the content of any web page accessed for the purpose of displaying Advertisements. Brand Thunder does not endorse and is not responsible for any information, materials, products, or services contained in or accessible through Advertisements. Accordingly, your correspondence or business dealings with, or participation in promotions of, advertisers found on or through the Service are solely between User and such advertiser. ACCESS AND USE OF ADVERTISEMENTS, INCLUDING THE INFORMATION, MATERIALS, PRODUCTS, AND SERVICES ON OR AVAILABLE THROUGH ADVERTISEMENTS SITES IS SOLELY AT YOUR OWN RISK."
    (above text copyright Brand Thunder ©)

    Full text @ http://brandthunder.com/eula/
  • Brandthunder's add on seeks to install a toolbar. The toolbar inserts javascript code dynamically into your browser at runtime for all websites you visit. Inspection of the code is prevented so I can't tell you what it does. Use Firebug to reveal the inserted javascript load command. It is loaded from cloudfront.net in the 'head' section. Therefore this add-on is suspicious and possibly sacrifices your privacy by collecting data from your computer.
  • Installed itself without warning bundled with a theme (don't know which one). And Hijacked several firefox funcionalities. The uninstall is not clean. I wish I could give this negative stars.
  • not only is this add-on full of virus links it also hijacks normal browser functions, like right click searching tool. I wuoldnt use this if it paid me to do so.
  • This program adds virus links to Google searches. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
  • Once upon a time Firefox had add on contributors who just loved what they did. Sometimes they would ask for a little financial support, but who did when they could get it for free. Now it's real world, download Java or Flash Player, you have to uncheck the optional extras - Google / Chrome / et al. So simples, check options during & after download. Anything you didn't actually ask for E.G. toolbar or search - just disable or remove. Can be done via FF or Ccleaner or Jetclean, stop thinking there is such a thing as free lunch. If you want lots of tools, you've got to know how to use them.
  • NOT ONLY does this virus add-on hijack your browser's search ebgine initially upon install, It also hijacks every one of your search defaults and your default new tab page which is NOT reset upon removal. Even AFTER removing this add-on it still requires quite a bit of rooting around in about:config to remove the last bits of it.
  • Absolutely the worst. It installs a bunch of stuff and changes your default search engine without asking. It's a huge pain to uninstall since it gets it's ugly little fingers into everything. Don't install it. Don't even think about installing it.
  • Do not install this addon and check each new theme you install to see if it has this addon bundled with it.

    I noticed a redirect each time I used the URL bar to do a Google search. It does a quick redirect to "bt-personas" (so fast I can't read more than the first two words) before showing the Google search page for the word(s) I entered.

    I tried the search engine bar and entered complete site URL too and did not notice the redirect.

    And after reading a few other reviews too that also complain about dodgy tactics this addon should be removed. I don't doubt that I (and others) agreed to installing it and or giving permission to it gathering data on my habits etc..., but it was hidden in the fine print because had I been aware I would not have allowed it.

    The use of "fine print" to give legitimacy for what is an invasion of privacy in order to get someone to agree to something that had they known was part of the agreement would not have, is unethical and should be outlawed and not just here.

    Would it be OK to add "if you agree to use this addon then you have to pay me $10k a year and let me f**k you're wife every Friday"?

    I don't think so, but it's OK to use it to hide stuff to get more money from a computer sale for instance like, "if you add programs or put a disk into the drive warranty is void" to a new computers 3yr extended warranty. Which in effect means once you use the computer your 3yr warranty is now void, thanks for the extra $80 though.

    Or allow the makers of this addon to spam you, fill your search results with adverts, record your search history, and what ever else it does that I haven't noticed yet?
  • I don't even remember installing this extension. It replaced my new tab screen with one dominated by a WebSearch+ search box. Every time I would do any search on Google, it would place ads (sponsored links) from WebSearch+ in with my actual Google search results. Unless you enjoy having adware/malware/spyware hijacking your personal settings and spamming you, avoid this extension like the plague. How has this not been banned by Mozilla yet? I thought they had standards.
  • great idea. something different from the ordinary.
  • This Add on extends the functionality of Personas.I created my own persona gallery available at http://evanstonlinks.weebly.com/firefox-personas.html .This gallery is very new so there aren't many personas
  • I think the themes are great. You don't have to have the standard look anymore. You can customize the look to who you are.
  • Requires immediate login to BT site more info out for no reason. Just want to make my own themes and persona not have to sign up to get more junk mail etc etc. Just give us the ability to do for our selves, think for our selves and be creative without being sucked in to more commercialism. Thanks but no thanks.