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  • Simply does not work. Removed this and added the Marco Pinto one and now spellchecking works fine.
  • @Juncus,

    This add-on has been unmaintained for several years.

    Mozilla's official GB speller is now mine:
    "British English Dictionary (Marco Pinto)", which is also the speller that comes with Ubuntu, LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

    I hope this helps!

    Kind regards,
    >Marco A.G.Pinto
  • I guess it would be nice if it used UK English spelling and didn't insist that centralised should have a Z. Does anyone know of a dictionary that uses English spelling not Americanised [no Z] English. It would be nice before I die.
  • says requires version 60.0.2, but version 60.0.2 is installed
  • Such a pity that this wonderful extension isn't compatible with the latest version of Firefox. This should be explained prior to letting us download.
  • Not compatible with Firefox 60.0.1
  • Have only had a manual spell check (US only) on my rackspace email, which is about to be discontinued, since starting to use firefox. Really pleased with this very accurate and comprehensive British dictionary. Made my day.
  • It works and does the job pretty well.

    It's not the Oxford Full British English; but you would be a fool to expect that for nothing.

    Works in Thunderbird e-mail just fine.

    Within generalised British spelling, they have accepted 's' or 'z' as a general spelling, it's common in Canada and Australia.

    At least we don't have the American slang spellings to contend with.

    Colour has a 'U' in it.

    The Queen said so.
  • To enable, right-click in a multi-line text box, select "Languages", then "English / United Kingdom". - where is multi-line text box? I cannot activate this add-on.
  • well it works for a day or two then I have to re-install, this has been going on for a while, is there a fix somewhere and why is this happening all the time????? Other than that it's pretty good, just frustrating having to re-install every second day! Well it's getting wrasf (Worse) notcie how your !@#$%^&*() spell check is NOT working.... yet again, after installing it @#$%^&*()_ just about every !@#$%^&*()_ day?
  • Rather a bad name for the program, British English is just like saying English English, whereas a Basterdised English like U,S, version of English would be correct. After all you wouldn't have a German German, French French or Spanish Spanish checker would you.

    I come from England and naturally I speak English, It is a pity as others have pointed out that the English language is being basterdised by poor spelling checkers, that do not understand the difference between U.S. version of English and English.

    In the main I found it to be not too bad, but I have stopped using the checker, because I get annoyed with the poor English English in the checker.
  • As many have said, THIS IS A BRITISH ENGLISH DICTIONARY! NOT AMERICAN! We do not spell it Optimize, or Realize. If you are going to be a BRITISH English one, get your spellings right!
    -ize spellings, though generally not preferred, are not incorrect. Therefore the dictionary does not flag them as wrong.
    If you are seeing -ise words flagged, please check your settings, since this dictionary contains a plethora of -ise endings (including optimise and realise).
  • A great addition to my suite of Add-ons - a must have for a Brit! :) Thanks for developing this. Out of interest, where do the words get stored that I add to the dictionary?
  • It's maddening when the words you add are deleted with CC.

    Just for the record there is no such thing as British English; there is only English English all other variants are pseudo English.
  • I wish they would relise that realise is not the same as realize in British English. My audience is mainly British and the name of the add on is British English. Isn't is about time that it was Britizh Englizh that waz rote.
  • After the US dictionary trying to change all my 's' to 'z' I eventually landed upon the English dictionary.

    I would have thought this would have been a much quicker process than having to search and add a dictionary but hey ho.

    The dictionary has most words but it's easy enough to right click and add the words that are missing.
  • Mozilla support says that "All add-ons hosted on addons.mozilla.org undergo this review process in order to be verified and signed", so Why on earth is this extension hosted on this site if not signed?.
    Happened on some other extensions (as a curiosity, a little bunch of other dictionnaries hosted here), it seems like if there was an issue on the verification process, which will lead anybody using any of those dictionnaries to *override add-on signing*, which is the same thing as not having that safeguard: Please, please, please Mozilla, keep those dictionnaries out of "addons" or solve the problem, stop confusing us.