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  • Great add-on - unfortunately it removes the entry "Sort By Name" from the folder pop-up (right click on a folder)
    Hello, I can add it if this is really used.
    Mind that because of FF new WebExtension API limitations, I had to recreate a user interface ... so I am incrementally enriching it as per user demand.

    If you want the function, would you mind creating the demand here so that we track it ?
  • Bookmark Search Plus works very well. It let you locate very easily your bookmark even on very large sets.
  • This is a very helpful add-on if you want to (re)organize your bookmarks. Find the folder where you have stored your bookmark, and then decide if you want to move it somewhere else. It is also useful if you have duplicate bookmarks and you want to decide which location you want to keep, and which one you want to delete.
    Thanks a lot!
  • géniale. c'est exactement ce que je recherche depuis logtemps déja. POUVOIR FAIRE DES RECHERCHE DANS LES FAVORIS DANS LES DOSSIER ECT. c'est génial. Merci pour cette extension !!
  • This really should be the way FF works out of the box. Thanks you.
  • finally! so much useful and worthit! this will make EVERTYTHING EASY!

    This is the Top 1 Addon Firefox should have before anything else, Bookmark Parent Folder is the most essential Addon, I wonder why firefox devs never focus it but thanks to this author who made this! really thanks a bunch for this!
  • Just what the doctor ordered to take away my pain!

    That Mozilla still hasn't made this functionality native after all these years is ridiculous.

    Thank you for taking up a just cause developer aaFn!
  • very effective addon. Essential if you have many bookmarks folders. Big plus clicking on bookmark it's immediately located in the bookmarks tree
  • Not to mention - the feature of showing the parent folder.
  • Thank you SOOOO MUCH for reviving the functionality of this add-on/extension! I actually haven't even tried playing with this yet because I wanted to immediately express my gratitude for your initiative...(I know how useful reviews are for businesses). Used the old version (by Alice777) for EVER...and have been SO frustrated since it's demise. How can anyone surf daily, accumulated thousands of bookmarks so quickly...but NOT even be able to find a bookmark's parent folder?? Impossible! But I kept hoping a quality developer that understands the deep void created by the absence of this indispensable tool would pick up the reigns and breathe new life into it. Thank you again!
    Thank you. Well the best way to understand the void is to feel it.
    And as a user, I can tell you I felt it as much as you .. hence my motivation for doing this add-on .. Happy to see I was not the only one feeling it :-)
  • Excellent add-on. Serves well as a substitute for "Go Parent Folder".
  • So helpful! I can find the folder that bookmarks are in. Great help with bookmark clean up and organization.
  • Thank you so much !!!
    The first version (created originally by Allice0775) was a must-have , and after its wiping from here there wasn't a similar addon.
    I haven't yet believed I shall encounter such a good addon like the original one.
    This is almost so good as that was.
    Of course it needs some polishing, but it seems (by the number of versions made in the last two month period) that it is under heavy developing, and it is much more than okay. :-)
    I'm so thankful for this addon and the efforts behind it.
    A fantastic and great job in the new world of Quantum's webextensions. ;-)

    On the other hand, it can be used in Faterfox (which is based on Firefox 56).
    I use it in both browsers with satisfaction.
    Thanks again.

    Best regards,

    If you could make the remake of Allice0775' s other great and highly rated addon, the "Default Full Zoom Level", there would simply be the heaven.
    With separeted icons (the red "P" and the blue "A"icons for zooming in and out, and resizing the magnification of the page and the size of the letters) there was the best zooming addon for the good ol' Firefox.
    Of course it is only a beautiful dream.... But the dreams sometimes come true. . .
    And I'm -- as so many others -- an incorrigible dreamer. . . ;-)


    UPDATE _ 01.

    Thanks for the tips, I know both of them. (The Ctrl+mous-wheeling is well known, but it has its own limits.)
    Zomm Page WE is good enough (and better than the Mozilla's solution built in Firefox), bot not so good as Alice0775's addon, which one is more simple, and the separated icons (for separated zooming: one for the page zooming and another one for text zooming), with customizable zooming-scale.
    If you are interesting in the Default Full Zoom Level addon, I have the original installer file of it (xpi, version 7.7). I collected from my saved old Firefox-56 's directory, so if you give me privat acces / address, I can send for you.
    It would be so great to see it again, as a webextension addon here on AMO.
    If I knew the proper programming language and I knew coding, I would wright it from the scrach (as a functional fork of Default Full Zoom Level).

    Hello Gammadeus, thank you. I didn't know about the "Default Full Zoom Level" extension by alice0775. I tried to find it to test it on an old version of FF, but didn't succeed to get it (http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=659681).

    On the other hand, did you notice that in latest FF's, at least on Windows and Linux, there is now a native function for zooming ?
    If you hold the Ctrl key and use your mouse wheel, it zooms in or out depending on the wheel direction, and you get a zoom % "bubble" in the address bar when it is different from 100%, with a way to reset it to 100% by clicking on it.
    Probably not as handy as alice0775's extension, as I guess it was able to remember the zoom % per site / URL, but always better than nothing.

    Also, did you look at https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/zoom-page-we/ ? I wonder if this is not close enough to what you want.
  • 34/5000
    Finally! thanks thanks thanks!
  • This is the first time I've ever rated an extension, and I'm soooo grateful you've developed it! I was so missing the old "Go Parent Folder" and "Show Parent Folder" add-ons. If you save bookmarks in a complex tree, this extension so deserves your attention! It allows you to see your entire bookmarks tree in the same window as the page you're wanting to bookmark, and search the tree for specific words. When searching, it shows you all the folders and bookmarks containing that combination of words. Clicking on a given folder or bookmark in the resulting search list causes the tree (separately displayed) to open up to the place in the tree hierarchy it exists. Right-click (context menu) on an item in the tree, and you can manipulate the folder or bookmark (cut, copy, delete, etc.). Fantastic!
  • Dev, you are a life-saver !
    The Go_Parent_Folder was the main reason why I still was using Firefox ESR.
    Now a working Scrapbook and everything back to normal at last.

    Maybe a silly question, but why didn't Mozilla add this essential functionality in their FF?
    Thank you piotrv, welcome.

    Indeed, I still wonder why its not there since the beginning.
    Look at https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=196509, this demand is 15 years old ... and there are others asking for the same kind of functionality, they are between 9 and 18 years old ..

    I guess it will come one day .. but as I didn't want to wait, and since I didn't want either to stick to old versions of FF, I decided to give it a go :-)
  • Well, this add-on is quite good and works exactly how I need, but I am missing very much another another one Alice had, which saved me so much time ans nerves. I am talking about the Go Parent Folder in FF library. Maybe you could are it work with the present versions of FF, please? Give us an idea. I tried to tell her this through her site, but it is very difficult and is all written in Japanese and you know Google does not translate many things in there.

    Thank you for your reply. I know about the changes with FF extensions. The information about it was published about one year before it happened. What I meant was a suggestion to adapt alice0075's Go to Parent Folder like you did with this one. I still have the xpi file, now useless, of course.
    Hello Neophile, the new WebExtension mode of FF, which is the only one remaining (alice0775 was a XUL extension, this is not allowed anymore by FF), does not permit an add-on to function from within the bookmark library so far. So I didn't find any way yet to do what you suggest.
    I tried also to see with alice0775 when publishing this follow up, but it appears alice0775 is not wanting to work with WebExtensions for now.
  • Very nice work, many thanks.

    Favicons are retrieved even when the user has set Firefox to block favicons everywhere:

    // disable favicons in shortcuts
    user_pref("browser.shell.shortcutFavicons", false);

    // disable favicons in tabs and new bookmarks
    user_pref("browser.chrome.site_icons", false);
    user_pref("browser.chrome.favicons", false);

    // disable favicons in web notifications
    user_pref("alerts.showFavicons", false);

    Having 'Bookmark search plus 2' respect Firefox's favicons' settings would be appreciated.

    EDIT after developer's response :

    Since it is not possible to synchronize the favicons' display with that of Firefox maybe an option specific yo BSP2 regarding Favicons would do it, as for instance in the 'Flagfox' extension, such as 'Favicons Yes/No'
    This is neither an issue nor even a true enhancement, but an option for users who wish not to retrieve Website icons (which by the way also adds time to the process). I think more users than we may imagine block favicons.
    The idea is that I don't see why connections to sites would be performed for accomplishing a task (localizing a bookmark in the Library) which is basically an off-line process.

    EDIT 2 :
    Version 2.0.15 now includes a 'Disable favicon fetching' option : rating updated from 4 to 5 starts.
    Hello Makaversky, thank you.

    Unfortunately, WebExtension add-ons do not have access to those settings, these are not exposed by the browser.browserSettings API.

    See: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/WebExtensions/API/browserSettings

    So until these settings are made visible in some manner by Firefox to WebExtension add-ons, BSP2 won't be able to know about them :-( Sorry for that.
  • Thank you for resurrecting "Bookmark search plus" !!

    1.) In the Firefox Control-B, if you right-click and select Properties there are Keywords and Description fields. These are missing from your Control-Q right-click, Properties dialog. :-( :-(

    2.) Please add search for Tags, Keywords and Description fields

    3.) When you right-click on a bookmark, the context menu pops up. If you click Esc, it exits and closes the context menu - good. However, if when the context menu is showing, if you click elsewhere off of the context menu (like on an open browser page) then Esc no longer works to get you out of the context menu.click something in the menu. Suggestion: when you click elsewhere, close the context menu.
    Hello, thank you for the comments.
    Indeed, this is facing 2 limitation from Firefox WebExtensions API =

    1) & 2) Tags, Keywords and Description are not made available to add-ons.
    See Bugzilla https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1225916
    and dev documentation https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/WebExtensions/API/bookmarks/BookmarkTreeNode
    No such field ... => no way to get that today :-( (note: the bug is only 2 years old, there is hope ..)

    3) Events occurring out of the frame (sidebar) where the add-on is running are not dispatched to the add-on by FF.
    So when you click outside the sidebar, like on an open browser page, the add-on is not informed and does not get any event. Same for keys .. => nothing can happen as the add-on simply doesn't know.

    However, when you click anywhere else inside the sidebar, the context menu gets closed.
  • Had not idea about drag-n-drop (1). You have to publish these reviews as separate book(mark:). Thanks a lot for addon.
  • Finally an extension that shows parent folder. Good job!

    For some reason, after performing a search, the results keep flashing as though it keeps refreshing. That's a problem because when I try to scroll down the results list, it refreshes after 1-2 seconds and sends me back to the top. I don't see an option to turn off this constant refreshing.

    I'm sure the developer will fix this, so I'll still give it 5 stars. I'm happy to have the parent folder search.
    Thank you!
    EDIT: thank you for opening the Issue. Thinking twice .. I know what is the problem, it is a side effect of a 2.0.9 improvement which happens only for new users of the add-on. And it happens only during initial favicon fetching. I will correct this overlook in 2.0.10. Sorry for the inconvenience.


    Hello syncup, strange, this normally only happens when there is a modification to a bookmark in background ... which should not be often at all ..
    Would you mind opening an Issue here -> https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues ?

    A few questions, if you can add corresopnding answers in the Issue:
    - do you have any other add-on related to bookmarks installed besides BSP2 ?
    - is the refreshing persisting all time and until you close the search pane, or stopping after a few moments ?

    Thank you, aAfn.
  • This Add-on mixed all my > 2.500 (!) Bookmarks. Absolute horror.
    Thank goodness I've got a backup. Only need Parent Folder. Keep on lookin.
    Hello, sorry about the bad experience. Could you be more specific about the problem and what you were doing when it happened ?
    The add-on is doing nothing on the bookmarks themselves, it just displays them.
    It is doing something on a bookmark only when you decide to act on it, and then this is only affecting that bookmark, going through the FF bookmark API's. So there's very little chance to corrupt anything, and this is very limited in scope.
    I would need more details to understand what happened and to correct if there is any bug indeed, and would be grateful if you can share more.

    Let me know here, or best would be to report on https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues if you are ok to do that as it is better to exchange and track correction.

    Thank you in advance, Aafn.