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  • This is a very nice addon, especially since the coming of Quantum has disrupted many extensions I used before :-(

    It would be PERFECT if , in the search result pane, it was possible to edit all the bookmark fields (Name, Location, Tags, Keyword and Description), as in the native feature (currently, only "Name" and "Address" fields can be changed).

    Another feature that is missing is a function allowing to sort alphabetically the bookmarks in the selected folder (the FF-native bookmark context menu allows this also).

    Thanks for your work, anyway, keep it up!
    Hello Max1234-ITA, as soon as FF makes that available .. see https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1225916 (but current FF developer comments on the bug do not leave a lot of hope for something coming soon .. :-( )

    As for the sort, this is to come yes, although I didn't work out a plan yet. This is discussed here https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues/43

    Thank you, aaFn.
    ===================== Update =========================
    "Sort by Name" is now available in 2.0.36.
  • Outstanding! That is what I've been looking for a long time. Very often you need not only search some bookmark, but also need to get a folder where it is located. This "plus" does all these things by fast and intuitive way. The all I did after install, just set up the option "After `Show bookmark`".
  • I Love You ...
  • very easy to use. great replacement for "show parent folder". minor wish - that it worked in "show all bookmarks" window, not just in sidebar, but doesn't detract from filling a need of something I've been missing. Thank you very much!
  • No toolbar icon for this extension; can use CTRl-Q keyboard shortcut in Windows to open the extn in the sidebar. The search seems to work fine; the lower pane shows the bookmark location within the fully expanded bookmark tree, so if your searched bookmark is the 100th within a partcular folder/parent you would have to scroll up in the sidebar a 100 rows to find which folder is the parent. Perhaps you could initially just show the bookmark position within a folded bookmark tree, and an option (say a "+" icon) to expand the parent folder and/or the whole tree. Not sure if this is technically possible though, just my thought
    Hello JoAb, thank you for the comments.

    There is a toolbar icon for the extension. It is a yellow star with a "+" sign inside it. Maybe you removed it or you have something hiding it ? In the first case, try "additional tools" on far right of the toolbar, then "customize toolbar" .. and you should find it and be able to drag it back to the toolbar.

    On the thing you suggest for "show search", this is not easily possible. but also this wouldn't match the frequent behavior that users often search for a boookmark to find where to drag a new bookmark which they want to put / create in that same folder and around the same place => they need to see the full contents of the folder around the searched bookmark to place the new bookmark.
    By the way, this is exactly reproducing the behavior of the initial Bookmark Search Plus extension (pre-Quantum), which BSP2 is replacing.

    Thank you, aaFn.

    ******** Edit ************************
    On second thought, a proposal I could make is to add an action to the right click context menu which would be "Go parent folder" .. and it would jump you directly to the parent 100 rows above without you scrolling for it.
    That action could be both in the main bookmark and in the search result panes .. what do you think ?

    If that looks good to you, would you mind opening it as an issue on https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues ?

    Cheers, aaFn.

    ******** Edit again ******************
    Never mind, on third thought, I believe this is a useful feature for all, so I opened the issue myself
    and implemented the function in 2.0.34.

  • Thank you for your hard work...been waiting for the parent folder features since we lost it in web extensions. Nice to have this functionality back. I can now remove my legacy ext. reminder to keep checking for it.
  • useless! This is not a 1:1 GoParentFolder-Addon

    A much better solution (replacement) is:
    Hello anonymous, not sure what is useless, and sorry for the bad experience if something is not working.
    Would you mind being more specific on https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues ?

    Note that BSP2 is first a replacement for Bookmark Search Plus from the same author than Go Parent Folder. It does the same thing but runs from inside a sidebar, so that it can remain visible at the same time as your navigation pages.
    Bookmarks Manager is a good add-on and is inside a pop up, which is a different philosophy.

    I do not believe it is fair to compare both together, it is a question of taste, and tastes are never absolute.
    What we all strive for is to be useful to others, so anything allowing to progress is much welcome.

    Cheers, aaFn.
  • that's the real thing!
  • Thank you for resurrecting the best add on for Firefox. I have a zillion bookmarks and folders and used to use Go Parent Folder all the time to find bookmarks. This add on does that and more. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
  • Searching for years to get this functionality back. It should be a basic feature of FireFox. Plugin works great!
  • I have already written a very positive review, but now I need to report a problem. Since the last update the add-on doesn't load, it only gives me the "Wait background load..." message, and that goes on forever. What should I do to make it work again, I wonder.

    P.S.: Thanks for the answer. I have done what you asked for.
    P.S.: Thank you for the quick fix – 2.0.29 works fine again.
    Hello irripod, can you open an issue here ?
    I would need the traces contents (go to options panel for the add-on, and tick the "Activate trace" box. A readonly textarea should appear with an history of what happened.

    Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience, let's tackle it, aaFn.

    PS: Hopefully bug corrected with 2.0.29 now, let me know, and sorry for the inconvenience.
  • would've been better if it was integrated into the bookmark manager itself
    also would be nice to have an option to show a column for parent folders in the bookmark manager.
    Hello alexg, thank you.
    As said in some other post below, this is unfortunately not possible as of Firefox 57 and higher.
    Quantum does not allow any add-on action in the bookmark manager.
  • Hi!
    Thanks for this extension. It does the job really fast, but it is quite invasive over the standard behavior of the bookmark side-bar :
    - no more "right-click + key" accelerator in the pop-up menu ( for my "Frenchy localization" at least )
    - reverting to the standard-mode resets the bookmarks view to the default view : so sad ... ( you should really do something about it )

    Thanks again
    Best, Stan

    Edit : updated to FF 61 : create a folder works perfectly ! cool stuff !
    Hello Stan, I guess you mean key navigation in the menus ? Similarly you'll notice that key navigation doesn't exist (yet) on bookmarks either. I'll add that later (I made a note of it -> https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues/46)

    Indeed, because of limitations of the new Quantum extensions, the only way is to recreate the native interface, it cannot be extended anymore ... so it is imperfect (but improving ... ).

    Not sure what you mean by "reverting to the standard-mode resets the bookmarks view to the default view", can you explain a little more ?

    Note: on localization, I'll do French first, promis juré :-)
  • Wow. Works so well!! Great replacement for the outdated "Go Parent Folder / Show Parent Folder" add-ons. And I can finally search for folder names!! Great job.

    Edit: Any way to assign Ctrl+B to bring up BSP2? (Or maybe assign it another shortcut key?)
    Hello, as a matter of fact there is a shortcut key (displayed in the sidebar menu since FF 60.0.1).
    However Ctrl+B is already assigned to open the native bookmark sidebar and cannot be redirected.
    So the following keys have been assigned from the few free left I could find:

    - Linux = Ctrl+Shift+B
    - MAC = Alt+B (Cmd+Alt+B doesn't match with authorized key pattern .. it is rejected)
    - All others, including Windows = Ctrl+Q

    Cf. https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues/4
  • Update: I am at a tough position, I love your add-on but can't risk it now. Why would kaspersky report a file that is basically a .txt file with urls in it? I am not a developer so reading your code won't help much. :(

    It seems like I can't reply to the aaFn reply to my review, so I am replying to him here. This link (https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/wiki) took me to a 404 oage; however, now it is working!? The Reason I went there is to report the issue to you as Kaspersky detected "bookmarksearchplus2@aafn.org\storage.js" as HEUR:Trojan.Script.Miner.gen

    Since the Gethub profile was unenviable which looked suspicious, I removed Bookmark Search plus2. I am not sure why Bookmark search plus 2 need to store

    after looking at the Permissions, it looks like Bookmark search plus 2 ask too many permissions

    PLease explain the reason for each permission individually: and add it to the "About this extension" section

    Access your data for all websites
    Read and modify bookmarks
    Read and modify browser settings
    Access browsing history
    Access browser tabs
    Store unlimited amount of client-side data
    Hello brain8891, your previous review on the add-on disappeared and your rating changed also. May I ask for a feedback of why ? If there's something wrong which happened with the add-on, I'd like to know to get things corrected if possible.
    Thank you in advance, aaFn.

    ------------------ Update following reply ---------------------
    [lost previous reply, not sure why .. redoing it ..]
    Hello brain8891, thank you for your detailed answer.

    I guess there was a glitch on GitHub, I verified, everything is accessible and working now.

    On the permissions, the reason for each is very simple, and most come from limitations of the Frefox API :-(. I documented them there for public refernce to all

    -> https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/wiki/Permissions <-

    as I believe this is making that post too long, hence had to redo it ..

    The last permission in the list is the storage.js file you mentioned was alerted by Kaspersky. It is not executable at all.
    It contains a structured set of bookmark titles, URLs and favicons. I guess one of the titles or URLs that you have bookmarked made Kaspersky react and believe there is something bad in there. If you have a doubt, open it with an editor, this is a json data file, there is no code in there and so no virus.

    I hope this is clear and as transparent as possible .
    If you want to get assurance by yourself, the code is open, plain text, and fully commented, so you can have a look at it at any time (take the .xpi file in your Firefox profile, add .zip to it, and open it with you preferred zip archive to look at the sources in files which are there).

    You can also post issues on https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues if you want more explanations.

    ------------------ Update following update :-) ---------------------
    Hello brain8891, Kapersky is probably like any other anti-virus, it just checks files for patterns, unintelligently. It doesn't know if something is executable or data. Moreover, storage.js has the extension .js, so Kaspersky probably believes it is a javascript file while in fact it is a json data file for Firefox .. but it has no way to know.

    If one of your URL's or one of your favicons has something in it corresponding to its pattern base, then it will raise the flag.
    The culprit is one of the URL's most probably (I do not believe it can be in the favicons). The problem would be to know which one ... Maybe you can send Kapersky the storage.js file if you still have it somewhere and ask them to explain which part of it (so which URL / which string) is raising the alert ?
    That is probably the best thing to do.

    Also, BSP2 is running inside Firefox, and Firefox is doing all they can to protect you (this is why by the way the add-on needs to request the permissions you listed and for which you now have the explanation).
    Add-ons therefore cannot get out of Firefox to your computer nor do harm to it.

    I don't know what to say more. As always, you have to exercise your own judgement. Kaspersky or Avast or whatever else are not absolute counter measures against things in the world, they miss some of the things, and they will overdo on others ...
  • I have a lot of bookmarks divided into many sub-folders, this extension is essential for orientation in this jungle.
    Thank you very very very very much!!!!
    the only negative side is that when you view properties of a single bookmark, you can only see the "name" and the "address".
    To be perfect it should also show the other properties of each bookmark as you would see by clicking with the right mouse button on "properties" of the single bookmark in Firefox without additional components.
    In any case, I can only thank you again for this extension.
    Really thank you.
    Hello Matteo, unfortunately, as said on the add-on main / description page, there is no management / display of bookmark tags, keywords, description field possible as Firefox does not expose those fields through its Web Extension API's.

    This is a long open bug to FF (3 years) -> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1225916

    Until they are made is available by FF, it won't be possible to manage them in BSP2.
  • Very nice replacement for the old "Go Parent Folder" extension. Thanks a lot!

    Note: If you are using the "Privacy Settings" add-on, you can't use the
    setting "websites.resistFingerprinting" of that add-on, since it makes firefox
    report spoofed information to websites. In turn, the icon of "Bookmark search
    plus 2 (v2.0.24)" in the toolbar is grayed out and a tool tip states that
    "Bookmark search plus 2" does not work in FF56. However, opening "Help > About
    Firefox" shows the correct version (60.0.2) of firefox.

    UPDATE: Hello aaFn, many thanks for your swift update to version 2.0.25 - it works nicely!
    Hello eggyolk, this is because websites.resistFingerprinting (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/WebExtensions/API/privacy/websites)
    is disabling proper reporting of FF version in Navigator.buildID -> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Navigator/buildID

    However, BSP2 needs the FF version, because I make it available on FF 56 for people wanting to use it on pre-Quantum (they are not able to go to Quantum [FF57+] due to other extensions they have which wouldn't work anymore with Quantum).
    And on FF56, there are some WebExtension bookmarks features not available, for which I need to activate a special code so that I can get around those lacks.

    Good news however, that particular privacy setting forces buildID to a specific impossible value on Quantum (20100101) which I can recognize, and as per documentation this setting can only happen on FF 58+, so when the code sees it, it can deduce it is running on FF 58+.

    *** I will get out 2.0.25 tonight so that it will work with that privacy setting and with the Privacy settings add-on, and you can get both working side by side ***

    The downside is that if at some time in the future I need to recognize an FF version superior to FF58 for new features coming from FF API, I won't be able to do that for people who have enabled that setting .. And so they may not be able to benefit from those new features.

    Let me know if the new version is not working in your case.
  • Five stars for creating a much-needed bookmark search feature, last seen in the pre-Quantum "Go To Parent Folder" add-on. Its responsiveness is indeed somewhat slow, as noted by user Paul Jackson, below, yet the developer's answer is informative about the reason for this. Faster would be better, but having the functionality in the first place is what matters most at this time.

    Thanks to user irripod for alerting me to this extension (by way of a comment for another add-on) and, most of all, to the developer for the good work. The developer's communicative engagement with users in this comment section is a further point of note.
  • Unique extension for finding bookmarks in the large trees with a complicated multilevel folders and number of entries more than 80,000. The author aaFn put great efforts to function it flawlessly. My appreciations!
    Thank you vitaaliy. Welcome
  • It looks like it would be a delightful add-on, however I have nearly 10,000 bookmarks, and everytime I access or start a search in my bookmarks using this add-on, my 60.0.1 Firefox hangs with 100% CPU utilization in a single thread, for about 45 seconds, before proceeding just fine. I'd wager that there's an N-squared algorithm, where N is the number of bookmarks, somewhere in a critical path.
    Hello Paul Jackson, indeed and this is not due to the add-on, but to Firefox API.
    See this bug: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1396364

    This is hitting peope with lots of bookmarks. Firefox devs seem to think that 95% of users have less than 2000 bookmarks, and they consider people like you (or me) as "pathological cases" :-)

    Patiently waiting for things to improve on Firefox side, and trying some workarounds meanwhile .. https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues/2

    Sorry that I do not have a better answer, aaFn.
  • Phew. I really missed the old 'Go To Parent Folder' extension, and this add-on contains that functionality which makes it really useful!
  • i can't tell u how many hours wasted trying to find out why a user can't search for their own goddamn folders in a browser. multiple forums later, nothing 'cept more grey hair. why even make folders if you can't later go in and search? seems like a internet 1.0 problem to me and none of the minions can explain why. had to use parent folder from alice but that became obsolete. now luckily, the extension was born.

    con: sometimes doesn't show folder; have to right click to reveal . . . BFD, right?

    pluses: this extension is a lifesaver. it has the highest utility for me. thank you, thank you, thank you

    update: when i was doing 3-4 searches in a row, the search pane would just churn and be blank. reloading fixed it. just updated firefox to 60.0.1 (64-bit) and not having the problem. i really appreciate you working on this extension.
    Thank you ohillary.
    Can you detail the operation you are doing when the folder is not showing, and you need a right click to reveal ? (I guess you're talking in the search pane).
    Also, are you in "simple" or "advanced" click mode ? (see Options)
    Any click should show the corresponding bookmark, so if not, there is a bug which I need to correct :-)

    Edit: thank you for the update. If any problem is showing, do not hesitate to create an issue here -> https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues