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  • Great, great extension, and it's functionality MUST be included to Firefox itself.
    Thanks to the author!
  • Thanks for the reply. Your extenxion now works. I can show and hide the sidebar by ctrl+q keys.
    Hello Giorgio, can you open an issue on https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues with details of your Firefox version and conditions ?
    The only case where it shouldn't work is with Firefox 56, because that Firefox version does not support the sidebar show/hide actions.

    Thank you, aaFn.
    Ok, glad it's resolved. Thank you for coming back here to say.
  • Excelent plugin and time saver.
  • Thanks for this addon! In older FF version I was using Sidebar Bookmark Search Plus and I really missed its feature of seeing the parent folders of search results.
  • edited the star
    +1,2,3 star for developer effort, support, commit...
    -4,5 for poo* loop performance, architecture, and some bu*

    mybe its better to have embed feature, like bookmark manager vie**, to better support/integrate with most popular plugin like tree style tab, and also additional feature to bookmark current tab / drag to bookmark
    Hello blankon, would you be ok to open the things you see missing in https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues
    so that we can track there and align ?

    Btw, to bookmark current tab, use the FF native Ctrl-D, and you can drag tabs and things to bookmark. If there is a bug, let's open that on GitHub to get that resolved.

    Thank you, aaFn.
  • THANK YOU! I don't know what else this extension does yet but, when you search for a bookmark it shows the folder where it resides. This has been a necessary feature for over 15 years(!) and, for some reason the Mozilla developers have been avoiding implementing it. It can clearly be implemented quickly. Thank you very much.
  • It does perfectly what I want it to do: to show in which folder a bookmark is.
    However, on install, it opens itself in every window (and replaces Tree Style Tab), where we have to close it or switch back. It would be better to open it only in the active window or none at all if that's not doable.
    Hello Thomas, correct, this is the default behavior of FF -> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Add-ons/WebExtensions/manifest.json/sidebar_action

    This is a security default, so that an install doesn't go unnoticed by the user.

    Note that:
    - If you immediately redisplay the previous sidebar you had, then subsequent new windows use the one you just selected.
    - When you close FF with a sidebar open, next time it restarts, it reopens with the same sidebar you had at time of close.
    These are FF behaviors at this time which an add-on cannot modify.
  • Showing bookmark parent folder is a must have feature for firefox bookmark manager that is missing.
    Some bugs though at my 2.0.52v.
    -> i use to bookmark a webpage by draging and droping the url to a folder in my bookmark toolbar, but i can't, there is a forbidden sign.
    -> maybe one of my already existing bookmarked pages is infected with malware script. Although i didn't open at all that page, Avast keeps complaining about a malware script, like if i have opened it. This didn't happened ever before installing this add-on. I removed the add-on and i don't get any complains from avast (only if i open the page myself).
    -> i've bookmarked "about:config" and when i click it, it won't open.
    Hello, thank you, I didn't know / didn't notice we could drag the URL address text from the location bar
    => usually, you just need to drag the (i) icon in the location bar ...
    So I added it in 2.0.53 (which is out now).

    On the 2 other points:
    - Yes, upon first load, BSP2 has to fetch each bookmark URL to get its favicon, because the FF API doesn't make that available to add-ons. This is only on first load and until all bookmark favicons were fetched.
    If you do not want that, just disable or pause favicon fetching in the options.

    - "about:config" and in fact any "about:...." URL cannot be open by add-ons.
    This is a security protection of FF (if you look at the browser console with Ctrl+Shift+J, you will see a security error), and this cannot be bypassed.
  • How to set the mouse autofocus in the search bar? This is absolutely needed.
    Hello, indeed ... This is a Firefox feature for add-on, not an add-on controllable thing, and this is missing.
    I have opened a bug on FF for that -> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1502713
    .. waiting for it to be resolved (it is P3, so I do not expect it to be fast :-( )
  • Минусы: нет быстрого перехода к найденной закладке в дереве одним правым кликом или стрелками вверх / вниз. Нет черной цветовой темы. Нет редактирования тэгов и ключевых слов - только названия и адреса. Не изменить или удалить горячие клавиши (Ctrl + Q). Не выделить в панели несколько пунктов (чтобы перенести, удалить, или присвоить всем один общий тэг, в дополнение к уже имеющимся).
    Hello Korwin, sorry I do not speak Russian. I tried to translate using Google translate, but I am not exactly sure of the result ...

    > The only minus noticed is that there is no quick transition to the found tab in the tree, or at least its
    > highlighting. Only "Go parent folder". And then - look with your eyes. How many hundreds of them
    > were there.

    For what I understand of your comment, when you want to show where is a searched bookmark item in the tree, simply click on the search result you want to look for, or right click on it and click on "Show bookmark" in the context menu, and the bookmark pane will smoothly scroll to where your bookmark is, highlighting it.
    Or let me know if I am misunderstanding your comment.
    Thank you, aaFn.
  • It's baffling that the functionality provided by this add-on is not part of Firefox. Who doesn't need to look for bookmark folders or find the parent folder of a bookmark?

    What's even more remarkable about this add-on is that the navigation is very intuitive and in keeping with the Firefox interaction in general, which is my main reason for sticking with Firefox (through all that memory hogging and the PC crashes, but I digress). No weird assumptions to figure out, just install and start organizing. From what I can tell, the one drawback I find (not seeing properties or tags) is imposed by the Firefox API, not by BSP2.
    Hello , thank you. Yes, impatiently waiting for FF to resolve that through an extension of the API -> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1225916
    More and more people are asking for it as we can read there, so that should happen :-)
  • possibility to search folders!
  • awesome job, thank a lot man
  • I dont know how I lived without this extension. Not only when you search a bookmark it says the parent folder, if you click on the bookmark it gets you to the parent folder! Event with a smooth animation, omg

    EDIT: omg it is fucking downloading all the favicons, even says the % downloaded...
    Only drawback is that on kubuntu dark mode, the background is white, as opossed to the rest of the UI. Anyways its a 5 of 5.
    Hello Ángel, thank you. I will see if I can do something about the background, either to align it with the theme (but I am afraid this would require one more permission), either by adding an option to change it.
  • **EDIT** And thanks to the developer for your rapid response to my review :-) In fact, I was just having a problem with a bookmark that would not delete and would not sync to FF bookmarks. Your hint about the "Reload from FF API" button proved to be the solution to that problem! By refreshing the BSP2 bookmark list, it cleared that problematic bookmark. Also thanks for your point about privacy and cookies. That has led me to uncheck the option I had previously checked.


    I really, really like this add-on which I discovered yesterday.

    I depend on my Firefox bookmarks and now I can do what I couldn't previously do in Firefox:
    1. Search for a bookmark folder
    2. Search for a bookmark and INSTANTLY see which folder it is in (this is also a way for me to find other similar bookmarks by locating their folder)
    3. The above point is particularly useful for many of my bookmarks which unfortunately don't show a blue star in the navigation bar (an FF bug?). That makes it virtually impossible for me to find their folder without this excellent add-on (I have about 6500 bookmarks so you can well imagine the problem!)

    What is more, Bookmarks Search Plus seems to auto-sync with Firefox Bookmarks (presumably, this will be because they are both using the same bookmarks list?).

    Doubtless, I will go on to discover other useful features of this add-on, but the above-mentioned already fulfil key functions I need, that are lacking in Firefox's otherwise (for me) excellent bookmarks.

    Thanks to the developer for an excellent tool!!

    And by the way, for the previous reviewer, I think you are wrong about favicons. I had a similar problem, and so went to the add-ons page, clicked the Options button for Bookmarks Search Plus, and ticked "Include cookies to increase background favicon retrieval success rate" (this is right at the bottom of its Options page) and that seemed to do the trick for me. Hope that helps!
    Hello Keith, thank you for the message.

    Yes BSP2 is getting notified by FF each time something is changing in bookmarks. So this is auto-syncing, and the FF bookmark list is the unique source. It can happen in some conditions (like disabling the addon for some time) that the sync is lost, hence the "Reload from FF API" button in the options page.

    And yes favicon are fetched. That does not start immediately on first install in order to let FF stabilize first.
    Then the option you mention increases the number of favicon succesfully fetched. I created that option and set it to false by default for people who do care about privacy and cookies.
  • That is the first web extension which add very usefull function like "go to parent folder" and even better "show bookmark". If it would show the favicon, it would be perfect...
  • Bookmark search : Firefox never show you the folder, so it's impossible to organize stuff; this add-on solve this. Thank you.