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  • Hi! Thanks for this extension! Not too bad! It is really great that it includes also bookmark library folders in the list of results.
    Enhancement suggestions:
    - full page display (dragging the left bookmark search plus 2 sidebar is limited to approx a third of the window width)
    - text cursor should jump right in the search field in order to immediately type the search string (without need to click firs in the search field)
    - in preferences: what does it mean "Show bookmarks"? I don't see that function
    - good to provide these preferences options:
    * leave open or close bsp2 sidebar after clicking on a bookmark to open the bookmark
    * to either open the tree or open the folder entirely (abonding tree structure display), when clicking on a folder (like browsing in a mac finder window)
    * disable favicon fetching without they disappear in bookmark library
    Hello smooth operator, thank you.

    In the order, for the 3 first:
    - Right click on the magnifing glass in the search box, and click on "Open BSP2 in a tab" .. you'll get what you want :-) (I will make it a more visible menu in a further release)
    - As said in response to a review below, that works with Linux, but not with Windows. This is a bug open on Firefox -> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1502713 ... need to wait for FF bug correction.
    - "Show bookmark" is the default action when clicking on a search result. Also shown in the context menu when right clicking on a search result. That action scrolls the main panel to where is located the bookmark item corresponding to the result.

    Thanks, aaFn.
  • Excellent. I've been waiting for this for a long time.
  • Here is what this addon asks when you install it.
    "Store unlimited amount of client-side data"
    To ask such a request is INADMISSIBLE and nothing short of theft of the highest level. It can also leads to unbelievable penalizing use of your storage space on your computer.

    Any developer who makes such a request is to be considered with a very high level of suspicion, as it is a highly fraudulent request. Shame on you the developer to make such a request.

    There cannot be any justifiable reason to make such a request except for fraudulent purposes!!!
    Hello, all is explained here -> https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/wiki/Permissions-and-Privacy-policy

    The 2 reasons for a bigger amount of storage than 5 MB are because:
    - Firefox does not give access to favicons, so they have to be stored in local storage https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1315616 and https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1411120
    - Firefox is very slow on the query to get all bookmarks and so to be fast on next starts after 1st run, the add-on has to cache them in local storage https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1396364

    and some users have very large amouns of bookmarks (> 80000), so 5 MB is not enough.
    By the way, if you have any doubt, the code is plain open and FULLY COMMENTED FOR READABILITY, anybody can read and look at it to verify.

    Thank you for your understanding, aaFn.
  • Superb Add-on!

    I was looking for a bookmarking add-on that would display folders, and subfolders in the results, as well as the webpages.
    This add-on allows users to find a bookmark folder with a particular name: simply by searching for the folder's name.
    If you then click on the folder in the search results its location will be highlighted in the bookmark tree: Ideal!

    This is an excellent add-on!
    Congratulations to the creator/creators!
    Keep up the excellent work!
    Thank you.
  • This is the best firefox bookmark organizer I ever installed.
    The only little thing that will make my experience complete is the auto-focus on "Search bookmarks.." when the Side Pane appears. Now I am forced to click with the mouse :) #nomouse :)
    Hello taharqa, thank you.
    Yes, a bug was open on Firefox 8 months ago -> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1502713
    Need to wait that it is corrected, I didn't find a workaround so far.
    Regards, aaFn.
    Update, in Linux Firefox 67.0 I see that it works, so this is only on Windows Firefox that we are waiting for the fix to come ..
  • Thank you so much for this! Exactly what I need!
  • It does not show the folder where the bookmark is contained. I tried the following, as suggested by aaFn:
    - When you search, a new panel opens with the list of matching bookmark items.
    - Then click on the one you want to show and the main panel will scroll down to show the corresponding item in the real list, with its sibblings around and ancestors above.
    - If the list of sibblings is big and you do not see the parent folder, simply right click on the bookmark item and select "Go parent folder".
    I don't know what the "main panel" is but the location is not shown anywhere.
    Right clicking on the bookmark does not show "Go parent folder" either.
    Hello Firefoss, if you do not see the "Go parent folder" on right click, that can only mean that you are not using the BSP2 add-on sidebar = you are probably on the native FF bookmark sidebar. You need to switch to the BSP2 one.

    You should see at top right a yellow star with a +, inside in the toolbar -> click on it to see BSP2 sidebar appears / disappear

    When you are on the BSP2 sidebar (not on the FF native sidebar), If you still do not see the "Go parent folder" action on right click, please open an issue on https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues so that we investigate (which FF version do you have, which OS, a screenshot of the BSP2 sidebar if possible with the right click menu open .. etc ..).

    Let me know, aaFn.
  • Can't praise enough for this Addons ! Its like developer read my mind and this extension comes to rescue. It is immensely helpful for solving problem of duplicate bookmarks.
  • great work thanks ... an annoying bug though : when using drag and drop from the firefox (66) address bar to the treeview, the bookmark title is concatened to the bookmark address so opening the bookmark fails and i have to manually modify the address to achieve the opening
    Hello rf, indeed, didn't notice the bug before.
    I opened an issue for that https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues/101
    and will look at correcting in 2.0.61.

    Thanks aaFn.
    Edit: corrected in 2.0.61
  • Amazing Addon!!
    Wish though there are a few other background color options in addition to current white.
    Hello James Band, indeed you are not the first one asking for that.
    I'll list it as a needed feature to come in a later release -> https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues/100

    Thanks, aaFn.

    Now available as of 2.0.68.
  • FINALLY, what I wanted ! Highlight the location IN MY BOOKMARK TITLES TREE. Don't list the URL's; I don't care. Firefox already does that. Yeaaaaaa!
  • The addon works fine, BUT since I installed it, Firefox tries to open a lot of unwanted pages (luckily blocked by my kaspersky).
    I removed the addon and no unwanted page has been reported anymore.
    So what?
    Hello Spiccico, explanation is in the add-on description, and in that page also -> https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/wiki/Permissions-and-Privacy-policy

    Firefox does not give access to its favicons database (the little image besides each bookmark), so the add-on has to fetch them one by one from the bookmarked URLs, on its first start and next ones, until they are all fetched.

    If you do not want favicon fetching, and so do not want to have the images, simply disable favicon fetching in the add-on options page.

    Of course, as soon as bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1315616 is corrected, I will modify the add-on to get the favicons from the FF internal DB, and there will be no more fetching.
    Note: Chrome does give access to its favicon DB, but not Firefox today.

    Meanwhile, once again, turn off the option if you do not want it.

    I hope this clarifies, aaFn.
  • Endlich kann man wieder Sinnvoll in den Lesezeichen suchen (habe um die 1900 Lesezeichen, schön nach Themen sortiert, lösche ich nach Gebrauch nicht immer gleich, später keine Ahnung mehr wo ich diese abgelegt habe...)
  • Best Firefox-BM-tool ever. Doesn't matter how many bookmarks you've got - this tool will manage and find every single one.
  • I have about 2500 bookmarks, the search hangs, while the standard search works fine. Please make the search work for a large number of bookmarks.
    Hello, I have around 2500 bookmarks, and some users have 80000 bookmarks, and it is working fine.
    It must be something else like maybe a bug or something special in the bookmark DB which is making Firefox not answer the add-on.

    I will need more details then to pinpoint the problem.
    Can you open an issue on https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues ?
    Thank you, aaFn
  • Bookmark Search Plus 2 (BSP2) is used to search for bookmarks and go to the Parent folder where a bookmark is stored. It is better than the "Bookmarks Manager and Viewer" (BMV) add-on in my opinion.

    BMV does not search folder names for the search string, but BSP2 does.

    BMV doesn't immediately display a bookmark that has been added while using BMV so I had to exit BMV and go back to the Bookmarks sidebar to confirm the new bookmark was added. BSP2 doesn't have that problem.