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  • Thank you so much for this! Exactly what I need!
  • It does not show the folder where the bookmark is contained. I tried the following, as suggested by aaFn:
    - When you search, a new panel opens with the list of matching bookmark items.
    - Then click on the one you want to show and the main panel will scroll down to show the corresponding item in the real list, with its sibblings around and ancestors above.
    - If the list of sibblings is big and you do not see the parent folder, simply right click on the bookmark item and select "Go parent folder".
    I don't know what the "main panel" is but the location is not shown anywhere.
    Right clicking on the bookmark does not show "Go parent folder" either.
    Hello Firefoss, if you do not see the "Go parent folder" on right click, that can only mean that you are not using the BSP2 add-on sidebar = you are probably on the native FF bookmark sidebar. You need to switch to the BSP2 one.

    You should see at top right a yellow star with a +, inside in the toolbar -> click on it to see BSP2 sidebar appears / disappear

    When you are on the BSP2 sidebar (not on the FF native sidebar), If you still do not see the "Go parent folder" action on right click, please open an issue on https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues so that we investigate (which FF version do you have, which OS, a screenshot of the BSP2 sidebar if possible with the right click menu open .. etc ..).

    Let me know, aaFn.
  • Can't praise enough for this Addons ! Its like developer read my mind and this extension comes to rescue. It is immensely helpful for solving problem of duplicate bookmarks.
  • great work thanks ... an annoying bug though : when using drag and drop from the firefox (66) address bar to the treeview, the bookmark title is concatened to the bookmark address so opening the bookmark fails and i have to manually modify the address to achieve the opening
    Hello rf, indeed, didn't notice the bug before.
    I opened an issue for that https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues/101
    and will look at correcting in 2.0.61.

    Thanks aaFn.
    Edit: corrected in 2.0.61
  • Amazing Addon!!
    Wish though there are a few other background color options in addition to current white.
    Hello James Band, indeed you are not the first one asking for that.
    I'll list it as a needed feature to come in a later release -> https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues/100

    Thanks, aaFn.
  • FINALLY, what I wanted ! Highlight the location IN MY BOOKMARK TITLES TREE. Don't list the URL's; I don't care. Firefox already does that. Yeaaaaaa!
  • The addon works fine, BUT since I installed it, Firefox tries to open a lot of unwanted pages (luckily blocked by my kaspersky).
    I removed the addon and no unwanted page has been reported anymore.
    So what?
    Hello Spiccico, explanation is in the add-on description, and in that page also -> https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/wiki/Permissions-and-Privacy-policy

    Firefox does not give access to its favicons database (the little image besides each bookmark), so the add-on has to fetch them one by one from the bookmarked URLs, on its first start and next ones, until they are all fetched.

    If you do not want favicon fetching, and so do not want to have the images, simply disable favicon fetching in the add-on options page.

    Of course, as soon as bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1315616 is corrected, I will modify the add-on to get the favicons from the FF internal DB, and there will be no more fetching.
    Note: Chrome does give access to its favicon DB, but not Firefox today.

    Meanwhile, once again, turn off the option if you do not want it.

    I hope this clarifies, aaFn.
  • Endlich kann man wieder Sinnvoll in den Lesezeichen suchen (habe um die 1900 Lesezeichen, schön nach Themen sortiert, lösche ich nach Gebrauch nicht immer gleich, später keine Ahnung mehr wo ich diese abgelegt habe...)
  • Best Firefox-BM-tool ever. Doesn't matter how many bookmarks you've got - this tool will manage and find every single one.
  • I have about 2500 bookmarks, the search hangs, while the standard search works fine. Please make the search work for a large number of bookmarks.
    Hello, I have around 2500 bookmarks, and some users have 80000 bookmarks, and it is working fine.
    It must be something else like maybe a bug or something special in the bookmark DB which is making Firefox not answer the add-on.

    I will need more details then to pinpoint the problem.
    Can you open an issue on https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues ?
    Thank you, aaFn
  • Bookmark Search Plus 2 (BSP2) is used to search for bookmarks and go to the Parent folder where a bookmark is stored. It is better than the "Bookmarks Manager and Viewer" (BMV) add-on in my opinion.

    BMV does not search folder names for the search string, but BSP2 does.

    BMV doesn't immediately display a bookmark that has been added while using BMV so I had to exit BMV and go back to the Bookmarks sidebar to confirm the new bookmark was added. BSP2 doesn't have that problem.
  • Functionality is there but add-on does not respect user's chosen colour theme. W/ Dark theme, I end up with white text on a white background in search box.
    Hello sf, unfortunately, native theme details are not exposed to the add-on, or I didn't find how yet, although I searched for it ... If you find an add-on who is capable of reading the current theme and apply it, can you point it to me so that I can analyze how it does that ?

    Now, I guess you're saying that somehow the theme you chose is imposing its value to the searchbox, preventing it from inheriting the body settings I made.
    I tested the Dark theme under Windows and Linux, and nothing such as what you describe is happening = search box text is black as I specified.
    => would you be on IOS ? (I can't test it, I have none)

    Probably better if you can open an issue so that I can track its details with you, if you agree -> https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues

    Note: in 2.0.57 I am forcing black on the search box, based on your feedback. I hope that will cure at least the visual problem and make it useable .. let me know. Thanks, aaFn.
  • Great, great extension, and it's functionality MUST be included to Firefox itself.
    Thanks to the author!
  • Thanks for the reply. Your extenxion now works. I can show and hide the sidebar by ctrl+q keys.
    Hello Giorgio, can you open an issue on https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues with details of your Firefox version and conditions ?
    The only case where it shouldn't work is with Firefox 56, because that Firefox version does not support the sidebar show/hide actions.

    Thank you, aaFn.
    Ok, glad it's resolved. Thank you for coming back here to say.
  • Excelent plugin and time saver.
  • Thanks for this addon! In older FF version I was using Sidebar Bookmark Search Plus and I really missed its feature of seeing the parent folders of search results.