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  • hi, nice addons and thx for your effort, its almost perfect, except...

    "Bookmark search plus 2" only working on sidebar, and my sidebar already used by addons "tree style tab" with thousand tab, ineffective to switch due load time...

    what do you think, to better organize and integration with most popular addons like "tree style tab",

    to add embed window or organize bookmark on new tab, like addons "bookmark manager view" does.

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    perfect, I just edit my rating too,
    I missed that feature, because the button in the hidden place.
    is there any hotkey/button to access it? (without switching my sidebar first)
    *as I told to you, I can't switch my sidebar easily because there is, "tree style tab"
    Hello @blankon, you can already run BSP2 in a new tab. Simply click on the magnifier glass button in the search box, and click "Open BSP2 in a tab" in the menu. Hope this meets your need :-)

    For integration with "Tree Style Tab" add-on, this would require the developer of that add-on to allow other add-ons to open sub-windows inside it, which is not the case today (to my knowledge). Maybe in future if he/she adds that integration feature ?

    Thank you, aaFn.
  • Es gibt keine Alternative zu diesem perfekten AddOn.
  • Perfect ! Thank you..
    I can now see parent directories again :)
  • I am TOTALLY happy with this addon!!!! I only use the sidebar BSP2 instead of the genuine Bookmark-sidebar.

    Is it possible, that you even integrate the option, that when clicking on a folder, that another open folder collapses (closes)? It is a pain to always close a used folder, before opening another folder (otherwise the list within the sidebar gets longer and longer and longer as all opened folders stay open...)
    AND: Could you integrate the possibility of expanding all folders and closing all folders?

    Thank you for thinking about this. I am very grateful for all your efforts....
    Hello @Bogo, thank you. Interesting idea that opening a folder closes all others at same level .. I'll look at adding it as an option.

    On the other one, yes this is planned, it's going to come soon now -> https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues/31


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    Version 2.0.71 is now published, with the possibility of expanding all folders and closing all folders as an Advanced submenu in the context menu.
  • Have been using BMS+2 for several months as it is the closest approximation of the old, wonderful Opera bookmark search that found bookmarks IN CONTEXT as opposed to FF presenting them in isolation. In large part, BMS+2 works well except one can't add a description while in its mode.

    However, I have always been flummoxed with the appearance of TWO bookmark trees one for FF and one for BMS+2. How can that be? This morning I clicked on a BM to delete it but it wouldn't delete. Then I went to FF BM tree and some BMs I saved in BMS+2 were not there. So I restarted FF and all of my BMs saved today were gone.

    What kind of weird behavior is that??
    Hello DanC.
    yes I too was missing the old Opera function which they removed. I was then using Firefox and the first version of this add-on by Alice0775, before Firefox switched to Web Extensions in FF57 and deactivated XUL for add-ons, which broke the that add-on. So I decided to give a second birth to it (hence the "2"), however there are several restrictions as documented on the add-on description page.

    One is that Firefox doesn't give us access to Tags, Keywords, Descriptions .. see https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1225916
    Some others are Firefox API slowness when add-on use some functions .. which forced me to implement caching techniques and other features to be able to handle properly large number of bookmarks of some users (up to 80000 bookmarks for now).
    And last is that because XUL is not authorized anymore, BSP2 cannot integrate with Firefox UI, it has to provide its own UI, and so this is why you have 2 trees.

    Because of that, there are opportunities for Firefox and BSP2 cache to get desynchronized.
    Rare, but can happen, especially when FF doesn't terminate well. For such cases, you will find a "Reload all bookmarks from FF now" button in the options page. I advise that in your case, you press it to resync things.

    If you're worried about such desynchronization events more than slowness, or if you are fortunate to not have a lot of bookmarks and then things are quick enough, you can also enable the option "Revert to old behavior of loading full bookmark tree from Firefox API at each restart". BSP2 will be slowlier at each restart, but there won't be any desynchronization.

    i hope this helps, else please open an issue on https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues. Thanks, aaFn.
  • I love BSP2. But I had a mishap that I hope can be solved. I reorganized some bookmarks with BSP2. Firefox crashed during shutdown. Now BSP2 contains the right bookmark structure but Firefox doesn't. Neither "show all bookmarks" nor the FF bookmark menus contain the missing folders or the bookmarks in them - the ones I was working with.

    I know the missing folders and bookmarks exist somewhere because BSP2 displays them -- even after restarting the computer. Is there a way to get them into the main Firefox bookmark set?

    Stan Hilliard
    Hello Stan, yes this is one of the benefits of BSP2 to go past FF corruptions in the native bookmarks DB when they appear / already exist.

    A careful way to proceed, but which loses tags if you have any (until FF allows us to copy tags :-( ) is typically:
    - Go in BSP2 to a folder which is not showing anymore in the native sidebar
    - Copy it (right click and click "Copy")
    - Go to another place which is not corrupt
    - Right click there and click "Paste before" or "Paste into" if a folder
    - Go to the native sidebar, and verify the copied folder is there
    - When all is good (can take some time when folders are big), you can delete the old "lost" folder in BSP2

    A bolder way to proceed, but which should keep the tags, is typically:
    - Go in BSP2 to a folder which is not showing anymore in the native sidebar
    - Cut it (right click and click "Cut") - you are safe so far, as Cut does not remove anything, it just says that a future paste will be a move instead of a copy
    - Go to another place which is not corrupt
    - Right click there and click "Paste before" or "Paste into" if a folder - this step is safe in fact, except when FF crashes or the corruption is too strong .. should be very rare though
    - Go to the native sidebar, and verify the moved folder is there

    Hope this helps. If any problem, let me know on https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues

    Note that FF corrupts its bookmark DB on its own .. BSP2 does not play a role in that.
    This is why there is a backup function of bookmarks in FF (saved everyday automatically by FF, you can find the backups in one of the menus of the Bookmarks Library).
  • Not quite as simple as original parent folder finder, but at least it works.
  • I love this app, but I wish it would also allow you to do tags and keywords like the regular firefox bookmarks do!
    Hello, yes we would all love to, but no app can do that for now, this is not provided by Firefox :-(
    If you can vote on Bugzilla to get this promoted, please do so .. it is P3 right now, and 4 years old -> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1225916
  • no method to select multiple bookmark at sametime in the sidebar, such as holding ctrl or shift keys to select multiple bookmark to move or delete.
    Yes, this is a todo https://github.com/aaFn/Bookmark-search-plus-2/issues/29 .. It will come, but not sure when yet :-)
  • addresses effectively the need of easily identifying the containing folder of a bookmark in Firefox; a feature which is desperately missing as built-in in firefox since ever
  • Works as advertised, but I'm using the current version of Firefox and Nirsoft's Currports. I started noticing that under certain conditions, this extension opens ports to all my bookmarked IP addresses. Turns out that disabling favicon fetching in options stops this activity. Took a lot of work to narrow it down to this extension.
    Hello John Corliss, correct, when installing the add-on, it retrieves once each favicon directly on their page and caches them. This is because FF does not give access to its own DB of favicons :-(
    Cf. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1315616

    You can let it go and then it stops when all favicons are fetched (duration of the phase will obviously depend on the number of bookmark items you have), or as you did you stop fetching and then miss the little favicons. This will get better when FF fixes the above bug / adds the function.

    Thank you, aaFn.
  • Simple, efficace, rapide, avec un raccourcis clavier pour aller très vite. J'aime beaucoup. Bravo !!!
    Great job !!
  • I want this to open filesystem bookmarks (of the form "file://PATH" ) just like the stock bookmarks sidebar. Is this possible?
    Hello Joe, unfortunate:ly this is forbidden by Firefox Security rules, an Add-on cannot open surch URL's, these are trapped as security exceptions and the process is interrupted.
  • Firefox lacks for parent folder in bookmarks. This extension does the job.
  • Awesome addon, one that I looking for after the new Firefox eliminated many good addon last time. Now I finally able to search the folder of my bookmarks again ! Works great !
  • You are literally a God send! I can not tell you the number of FF updates I refused to do after Bookmark search plus would no longer work. The very first time I reverted back to the former version to keep it and then I never updated until FF forced me to - and then I hated them, more than figuratively. The only reason my eye was drawn this is b/c I did such an extensive search on Alice0775. I researched her every which way to Sunday.

    All to no avail, of course!

    But my efforts are now rewarded b/c I recognize her name in your description.

    So THANK YOU!!!! I have long waited for this return. I SO appreciate you!!

    From my initial use, it is awesome! Works just like it needs to. The added cut and paste is brilliant. Thanks again!!
    Hello, welcome, and happy this is meeting your need :-)
    Your frustration was exactly what happened to me also with FF 57 / Quantum, and which motivated me to take over this sequel, since Alice0775 apparently stopped doing anything on it https://github.com/alice0775/userChrome.js/issues/37#issuecomment-363050019
    Cheers, aaFn.