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  • It is currently useless because it is not supported by Firefox Quantum. This is not a criticism of the add-on but of Firefox for not maintaining backward compatibility. I would put it as a very high priority that Firefox Quantum restore backwards compatability. This is the third add-on I cannot use because I have automatically been upgraded to Firefox Quantum without a major warning that it breaks add-ons.

    As a request to the author can you join the, I suspect hundreds of, other add-on writers who are now playing catch up because because firefox have broken one of the fundamental rules of software development Keep it Simple: in this case for people to maintain their add-ons.
  • Great add-on please update for FF57
  • Use this Add-on cautiously

    Today, 11/5/20179, I tried Deduplicator for the first time using FF56. Unfortunately it removed Bookmarks that I did not consider duplicates. Because of the way I save and organize Bookmarks there may be no solution since I provide my own Bookmarks' name in properties. Some are located elsewhere. I had THOUSANDS of bookmarks, so I should have deleted the Bookmark duplicates individually. At this point I don't know if deleting individually is an option. So this is more an advisory for those who are trying this like me for the first time.

    I use FEBE (by Chuck Baker), which I recommend so this issue can be overcome to return to a previous Bookmarks backup.

    I'll re-rate this once I get more experience using it, If I'm able to get it to work on the thousands of Bookmarks I do consider to be duplicates they will have to be handled manually. This will require that the Parent Folder be identified.

    I'll be looking for a way to isolate those I do not want deleted within my system of organization and just let the Deduplicator work without doing it manually. That actually is a requirement in my case due to the large number of duplicates.
  • Its simple, its clean, it has a job and it does it well. It would be nice if there was a button on the toolbar to run it without going to settings but thats okay. Please, please PLEASE recode this for firefox 57, because its one of the most useful and important addons in the addon database. Thank you again!
  • Finally a duplicate checker that does the job properly: finds duplicates and deletes them all, leaving just one valid link, en masse.
  • Needs to be updated for the 57+ FF
  • This is an excellent add-on!

    I would like to have an optional mode to be able to choose which duplicates get removed from which folders. Their tags and folder locations would be visible. See the legacy add-on https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/bookmark-duplicate-cleaner for an example.
  • Worked like a charm and found 4000k duplicates. Not sure how that happened but it worked great.
  • +1 for its creation. It has saved my ton of time as used to import bookmarks from other browsers and duplication occurs. Last time, I have deleted 1775 BM using this one. Keep it updated.
  • I have custom folder system to organize my bookmarks. This addon does not show from which folder the duplicate will be deleted.

    Kindly add feature to select *which of the duplicate user wants to remove. Example: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/bookmark-duplicate-cleaner/ (This add-on is not compatible with my version of Firefox. )
  • There is no preference page available in the current verion of Firefox, so you can't use it.
  • Working just fine!
    I'm missing a bookmarks menu item though. Great replacement for Bookmarks Duplicate Detector.
  • Muito prático, não precisa reiniciar o Firefox após instalar. Ajuda muito, pois eu uso o EverSync pra sincronizar junto com o Chrome e às vezes ficam favoritos duplicados.
  • Clearead no needs bookmarks.
  • clicking "Remove" only seezed Fiirefox v54.1. I really needed it work, darnit!
  • Once I read the instructions to find the 'search' button under the addons listing, bing bam boom, duplicates gone. Very simple.
  • This is one beautifully simple, useful and reliable add-on. Thank you.
  • Превосходно удаляет дубликаты закладок
  • Zeigt offensichtlich nur ein Duplikat. Aber nicht, wo er das andere gefunden hat. Somit hat man keine Möglichkeit richtig aufzuräumen. Ein intelligentes Programm zeigt alle Duplikatee und lässt einen wählen, was man löschen will!
  • 列の幅を変更できないので、ブックマークの名前やフォルダー名を確認できない。
  • Hace lo que dice. Funciona muy bien.
  • Looks like it found dupes BUT it doesn't wrap text (e.g. URLs) to columns it just expands the columns AND it doesn't allow horizontal scrolling so a long URL will push the folder column off the screen and you can't get to it. Further, you can't click column headers to order the results, so dupes from different folders often don't line up. This means the tool is only useful to delete short named URLs which are called the same thing in the same folder.
    Since you can easily do that in the library view of bookmarks, there is currently no point to this tool. BUT it would be great if the dev could just add a few super basic bits of functionality.
  • I like this FF add-on. I only wish it had boobularities & bodifications... it would make a cute li'l wifey.
  • I just installed this add-on and it performed flawlessly helping me to get rid of 99 duplicate bookmarks.

    My only other comment is that I was able to see the NAME of the bookmark and its associated URL, but I would REALLY LIKE to be able to see exactly which folder (among the many several I have created) that the bookmark is being removed FROM.
  • J'ai pu l'installer mais il n'apparaît ni un bouton ni un lien nulle part, même dans le gestionnaire de bookmarks...
    Dommage car j'aurais besoin de faire le ménage...
    Je vais chercher un autre add-on...