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  • It doesn't even PRETEND to work.
  • Simple to use and does exactly what it claims. I use adblockers also but some popups/anti adblocker messages still get through. 1 click on the Beyond the Overlay button and they're gone.

    Have used this on sites that only let you see some of the page and then have a pop up asking you to subscribe to see more. This gets rid of that box and also makes the underlying text legible if it wasn't like some sub only sites do to stop you from reading. This is one of my 'can't live without' add ons and I am so grateful to the developer! <3
  • YES, it swats the overlay, BUT then the overlays keep coming back and you have to keep swatting. This doesn't help much, it needs to "remember" you swatted the overlay and keep swatting it in the background.
  • I use it every time I'm online. There're more and more sites that smack you in the face with some sign-up crap, and this effectively wipes them all away--either with a simple mouse click or an even quicker Cntl-Shft-X. Smack! Gone! The way is now clear.
  • Awesome on the desktop, but the requirement for clicking a button makes it un-useable on Firefox for Android. Wish it could just auto-block without having to click anything; that'd automatically make it work on mobile.
  • This extension works well, but it would be better if overlays could be permanently blocked. I'm looking for a replacement of Poper Blocker, the only one that saved our settings and removed the chosen overlays permanently.
  • This extension just simply works. And it has a keystroke combination too (Ctrl-Shft-X). I don't know why webmasters think it's a good idea to rudely interrupt you with a stupid, pointless overlay when you're on a mission and are totally focused on something else, but this extension is the way to fight back. Many thanks to the author!
  • Great addon. Does exactly what it says it will do. It would be nicer if overlays could be per-emptively blocked on entire pages. For example CNN.
  • The addon is fantastic, but not compatible with new firefox, please update. Thank you.

    Just found an update: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/behind-the-overlay-revival
  • This addon worked beautifully.

    I didn't see the icon immediately, but I think that's because I have my UI very customized. I went into "customize toolbars" and it was right there.

    Suggestion: Mention on your page that there's an icon on the menu to get rid of the overlay. I had to look into the comments to see this.

    Suggestion: Add functionality where clicking on the overlay removes it.

    Suggestion: Once an overlay is removed, remove overlays automatically from all locations on that web sit.

  • I just added this and tried five sites I constantly had to deal with the idiot overlays and it blocked them all! Greatest Add-on in a long time.
  • Firefox 51...no icon showing, although on my other computer with Firefox 52 there is an icon so it can be used to remove overlays.
  • Funciona bem mas não roda no modo privado o que é uma pena. Mas eu achei esse que funciona.
    this one works in private browsing
  • More and more sites are annoying us with boxes that pop up when you open them. This add on adds an icon to the Menu Bar. Just click on the icon, and the pop up is closed.
  • Doesn't remove what's on TOP of the overlay. If the sign-in or whatever can't be removed then neither can the overlay.
  • This worked before