69 critiques pour ce module
  • Нужный мод нужно реанимировать автор забил походу.
  • Please, create your app for Firefox Quantum, it is great addon!
  • It would be great if updated to work on quantum..
  • It's a very useful and necessary addition. I hope you plan to modify the add-on for the new Mozilla. Really worth it. Again, my request for an update. No other app has this quality.
  • Great. I wish that it could be ported to quantum.
  • I love this add on. It's one of the reasons why I returned to FF 56.
    Any chance you will be removing the 'legacy' tag? If you are working with forum software or even a simple Wordpress blog it's such a time saving item.
    Please update! ☼
  • Very disappointed that this outstanding extension has been neutered in the 'New, improved' Firefox. I see that the developer has, in the past, expressed a lack-of-interest in converting it to the new extension protocol, but hope that he has a change-of-heart.

    Aside from my password manager, which has also been damaged by this hideous update, BBCodeXtra is my most frequently-used and favorite addon! I would gladly pay for this one!
  • Author has abandoned this extension. Shame. I have moved to Chrome, where the extension called BBCodeInsert does the same job. Update: the BBCodeInsert extension has been ported to Firefox. Google "bbcodeinsert ported firefox" to get it. It works great, just as good as BBcodeXtra.
  • I can only add to what others are saying Without this, I am bereft. Please update when you can
  • Love it! Must have if you use forums.
    PLEASE, oh PLEASE, oh PLEASE, make a version that works with FF 57.
  • Extremely useful and necessary addition. And an unpleasant surprise - is incompatible with the new version of Mozilla 57((... How now to be? I can not find any analogues.
    Do you plan to modify the add-on for the new Mozilla?
  • Hi,

    The extension works quite well but custom tags are not imported when you import custom tags (they are included in the export but, if you change something, it's not modified).
  • This addon will be ported to webextensions?

    Réponse du développeur

    I'll be honest, I'm not sure, even if I'd definitely like to.

    I didn't have a chance yet to look into WebExtensions, it will be a massive rewrite and I'm not sure when I'll have the time to learn and actually do it.
  • Cette extension m'est devenue indispensable. Elle ne fonctionne plus sur Firefox 57, ce qui fait que je suis passé sur Palemoon.
    La mise à jour de ce module serait vraiment bienvenue et me dissuadera peut-être d'abandonner définitivement Firefox.

    Absolument indispensable. Toujours pas de mise à jour pour Quantum, et pas de solution de remplacement.
    J'ai abandonné Firefox et je n'y reviendrai probablement pas. Si j'avais voulu un truc qui ressemble à Chrome, j'aurais choisi Chrome !

    Réponse du développeur

    Hi, Custom Tags should be imported as part of import/export settings. If that doesn't work for you, it's a bug.
  • Все без проблемно. Спасибо!
    Многие не понимают для чего это дополнение если на каждом форуме типа есть ВВ коды. Но они глубоко ошибаются! Иногда, при быстром редактировании своего поста просто не хватало именно этого функционала. Разработчикам спасибо огромное. Лично мне очень помогает это дополнение. Ставлю 5 звезд!
  • I used to use thie addon all the time to insert snippets into WYSYWIG editor of my online store at Ecwid. But i tried to install this 3 times and every time i tried to restart to install, it just died on me and didnt install, and no restart, because the firefox app would not close when clicking 'restart to install'
    Hence, 1 star for now because it doesnt work
  • "Are you sure you're commenting on the right add-on? Because I have no idea how a single website relates to it.

    EDIT: oh wait, "spoiler" as in tag, not "spoiler.it". I'll consider it (need also to figure out how frequently it's used), for now it's definitely possible to use a custom tag."

    Yes, yes tag! I use your addon, websites and forums where you can not (or removed) to use bb codes. Very comfortably. But lacks the "spoiler," I did it "custom", but in this form it does not work with the clipboard.
    Sorry for my bad Englisch, I hope you understand me)
    Thank you for a very good and useful addon!
  • Current version paste Markdown links as following:
    [https://github.com/Nayjest/Grids](this DataGrid for Laravel)

    Where they should be like:
    [this DataGrid for Laravel](https://github.com/Nayjest/Grids)

    Markdown -> Clipboard -> Url with name

    Réponse du développeur

    I'm testing 0.5.1 and found a bug in one command (currently not working), but the other 2 (URL Wizard, Make URL from selection) work exactly as you described.

    Can you give the steps to reproduce?
  • Es muy útil, lo uso a diario en foros y *Diaspora, si tuviera mas funcionalidades seria perfecta, muy recomendable extensión.
  • please, add default paste clipboard text as image for markdown.
    1) ![_selection_](_clipboard_)
    2) ![Image](_clipboard_)

    Réponse du développeur

    I agree on #1, since it follows the "Make selection URL" logic. Not sure about the second.

    Currently working on 0.5.0, mostly to make the add-on working with e10s.
  • indispensable pour celui qui utilise souvent le code html dans des formulaires ou autre, enfin du moment que l'on passe par firefox, je l'utilise de maniere reguliere depuis plusieurs annees jamais rien eu a lui reprocher
  • I use this extension hundreds of times every single day. It's a great extension and I don't know what I would do without it. However, I would like to request the functionality to organize the Custom Tags into separate menus. Either by being able to create sub-menus or completely separate menus. Would this be possible?

  • This remains one of the most used extensions for me, and one that is very useful for pasting html code on sites such as Freerepublic.com

    As re backing up, sorry to be so long to respond, but i do see the bbcodextra you mentioned in about:config, and its scripts, but which i also see in prefs.js, so if i just copy that it should work.

    What i had done is copy the whole profile to a new one, which worked. Thank God for FF and your help to make it even better.
  • Вещь очень нужная!!! Спасибо!
  • Have used this for a long time & could not function without it and 'works' in both x86 and x64 PaleMoon as well with no compatibility issues