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UnloadTab is the "Up & Coming" answer to Firefox 8! I am thrilled that Mozilla finally listened to our howls about memory overload when feeding our multi-tab addiction. But still no ability to unload old tabs. Voila! -- "UnloadTab."

Bartab was working for me with FFx 7. However, when I upgraded to FFx 9 I was out of luck. I enabled it with Add-on Compatibility Reporter. But, alas, no options button in Bartab. Hunh???

So thanks for the great years of service, Bartab! 5 stars for our time together. It's been great.

Update: UnloadTab does not seem to free up memory when the tabs are unloaded. Not sure what's going on there.

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Finally found something that works -- Load Tabs Progressively. Wish this one would allow http automatic fill in the url bar when load tabs in background is disabled.

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This is so annoying! All tabs are still loaded when opening Firefox if "When opening tabs in background" is set to load them. But when I disable it Firefox does not automatically fill in http:// from the address bar. (Ex: You get a blank tab if you type However, awesome bar searches with extra extensions such as Cybersearch still work. Does anyone know of an alternative to this extension? Tried both 2.0 and 2.1b1 beta. I'm using FFx 3.6.10.

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MUST HAVE for Firefox. But It disables refresh and back on many pages including Google. You can't go back to the first page, only subsequent pages. If I add an exception in BarTab's options it fixes it (mostly) but it happens on so many pages that almost nothing would unload if I did this, not to mention the PITA. BTW if you repeat your search on Google before going to the next page it also fixes the problem.

I do LOVE this extension.

However, I'm disappointed that there is no tech support. So I had to give it four stars in order for others to easily find my post.