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  • Works as expected
  • nice
  • Yes! Volume control. Thank you.
  • Ever since discovering Bandcamp, I was bugged out by the fact that the volume of their player is set way below 100%, which means I couldn't get a satisfying playback volume on my laptop.

    This plugin immediately exposed the issue, allowing me to actually slide the volume all the way up to 100%.

    You are my hero.
  • Fantastic plugin that adds much needed functionality to bc :) does what it says
  • Hello. I can't install this because it requires all my website data for this. If you change the requirements I'm happy to install. But passwords/login data? I'll keep that private, thank you!
  • If the slider could change the volume in real-time instead of when the user lets go of the mouse button, this extension would be perfect.
  • Really cool and useful addon, it even takes the color of the current page we're in, very nice ! :D
  • A must have for everyone! I'ts great :)