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  • Saved my ears.
  • SO simple so useful
  • why do you need access to all my data on ANY website for this to work? there is an alternative that does the exact same thing as this one but only has access to data that is on the bandicamp website. dont be silly ppl - dont give access to data they dont necessarily need.
  • Works as expected
  • nice
  • Yes! Volume control. Thank you.
  • Ever since discovering Bandcamp, I was bugged out by the fact that the volume of their player is set way below 100%, which means I couldn't get a satisfying playback volume on my laptop.

    This plugin immediately exposed the issue, allowing me to actually slide the volume all the way up to 100%.

    You are my hero.
  • Fantastic plugin that adds much needed functionality to bc :) does what it says
  • Hello. I can't install this because it requires all my website data for this. If you change the requirements I'm happy to install. But passwords/login data? I'll keep that private, thank you!
  • If the slider could change the volume in real-time instead of when the user lets go of the mouse button, this extension would be perfect.
  • Really cool and useful addon, it even takes the color of the current page we're in, very nice ! :D