26 notes
  • I'm a little bit surprised that axe addon doesn't provide a feature to enlarge the font size inside developer tools and ignores STRG++. Thus I'm sitting here and try to read grey micro messages on grey background. That's the missing star.
    Thanks for the feedback, I have entered a bug to remedy this accessibility bug
  • I love aXe, it's easy to use and, more importantly, to share for fellow frontend devs to adopt it :)
  • I use it. I like it. I'm eagerly waiting for more
    from everyone and every tool on every platform.
    The next version is needed.
  • extension is mostly great except in this recent version when it encounters an iframe with an empty src, a timeout error will be reported in the console and the tool will not generate the expected report
  • Great tool! very useful and easy to use
  • Pretty good tool for a11y checking.
  • So great to have this ready for Firefox Quantum! Highly recommend it to run on your web projects to stay on top of accessibility (not just at the end of development, from start to end)!
  • aXe is an excellent automated accessibility testing tool. It's available for Chrome also but works best in Firefox because you can see the location of the error on the page as you cycle through each problem in the list of issues. aXe currently shows 17 accessibility violations on this page.
  • Great tool for showing real WCAG failures. Excellent support materials that explain how each rule works, how to fix the problem and other helpful resources for learning.
  • I just installed and used this plugin and it is fantastic. This is the best accessibility tool I have found to date.

    It outlines the accessibility issues on a site in a clear manner and includes its severity, specifics on how to resolve the issue and even highlights the offending element. Nice work Deque.