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Thank you for this extension. It indeed serves a very important area, and occupies indeed useful and sometimes unic nisha, that that turns this addon to "must be" list. Especially taking into account that Places search quality, particularly tag handling is very poor without this addon.
But I have some suggestions that probably you'll like.
1. The left click on icon works only something is typed in awesome bar with appropriate Prefix (e.g. F). But awesome bar is not always the most comfortable place for typing by many reasons. That is why I propose that left click on this icon will always open the context menu, but the first line of it will be input field (if no prefix was typed in awesome bar).
2. It is worth to have shortcut that will be equal to left click on icon. The shortcut should be disabled by default to avoid conflicts with other addons and of course should be customisabled.
3. Currently the addon provides searches for folders, tags, tabs titles and context. It is worth to add search for bookmark short names too.
4. Currently the search panel represents all dimensions - folders, tags etc. and therefore each dimension is relatively small and requires deep scrolling. But the particular search needs only one dimension. So, it is worth to have the possibility to expand any dimension to entire panel (and visa versa - to unexpand)
Of course all these suggestions are not critical at all - the addon is pretty good now. But if you will like some of them I'll be glad.
Don't relate to them as requests.
Thank you.