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I've been using AP for a week now, and I really like it. If you're a forum user then it really makes reading long threads more convenient. I also use it for other sites too, as there are a ton of existing filters in the online databases (just like adblock plus filtersets) and making your own is fairly straightforward.

I can't give it 5* just yet because the performance is a little herky-jerky at times. But Wind is working hard on it and continues to improve it. Good job, Wind!

I'll also suggest another add-on that works well with AP: MAF (Mozilla Archive Format). MAF saves an entire webpage (html, pics, etc) as a zip file that can be opened directly by firefox. The really cool thing is that once AP opens several pages for you and you want to archive it then MAF saves all of them. Plus you can save multiple tabs in a single file. I've been using it for several years and it's much better than MHTs.

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