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Very nice but a bit slow. I have also installed the greasemonkey script autopagerize, which does the same thing but only to some sites and it doesn't have all the options available in this autopager extention. But the autopagerize is way faster to the sites that it works on compared to autopager.

I have I think a good idea to make this an awesome extension, that's lightning fast. How about instead of loading the next page when you reach the bottom, load the next page when the current page have finished loading. So that when your on (for example) page 1, page 2 is already loading. When your reach the end of page 1 and cross over to page 2, page 3 starts to load. In this way there is no delay when your at the end of a page to cross over to the following page. Then in your autopager 'show page option' window, make an additional option entry to turn on / off pre-fetch next page.

BTY - do you have a link to a guide to use the autopager 'site wizard' for websites that I want to add to autopager? I would run the site wizard but I must be doing something wrong cause I couldn't get the site I tried it on to work.


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I will consider your suggestion. Let's discuss on my forum.