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Completely new review (after the one I did on 2008-06-18):

Still a great addon. Bug 19354 (incorrect cursor position after middle-click) -- -- no longer occurs. But I reported bug 19353 (when reselecting the same text, nothing is copied to the clipboard) -- -- more than a year ago with a patch, and it is still not fixed.

Also, auto-copying from the address bar still doesn't work.

Zeus Swe, I don't understand your comment concerning the search box. That's true there's a problem, though. I currently need to do the following:
1. Copy the search text to the clipboard.
2. Left-click in the search box.
3. Type [Backspace] to clear the current text.
4. Middle-click in the search box to paste the text copied in Step 1.
It would be great if one could skip Step 3.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (1.0).