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  • I've used this for at least a couple of years and it's always been foolproof and reliable (with the exception of an unexplained minor bug I experienced once).

    It's a shame the author is not going to maintain it in the webextensions era, but I understand.

    The demise of this extension will leave a hole in the Firefox armoury unless someone steps in and creates something that works in the future.

    Thanks for your work in creating this fine work 99om4!
  • Hi,

    I haven't been able to determine a way to contact the developer directly so I'm submitting this review instead.

    1) Would it be possible to add a new preference called something like, "always enabled"? (I don't mean "enabled" as a Firefox extension, I mean "enabled" as in always ready to run when downloads are finished.)

    2) I'm trying to launch a custom .bat under Win 7. If I do a "save and test" it works perfectly. But when there are actual downloads that have finished, it doesn't launch. Is there a log I can check to troubleshoot what's happening or not happening?

    In case it matters, I am not using the DownThemAll extension.

    UPDATE to respond to developer:
    Regarding 2), yes, it is enabled. There are no paused downloads.
    The add-on will be unsupported in a few months, because Firefox will only support WebExtensions. It's not possible to execute commands or use FFI anymore (for obvious security reasons). WebExtensions can use "Native messaging", but that would require the users to install an application on their computer, which executes commands and system calls on behalf of the add-on. (That's pretty inconvenient and I'm not interested in developing or maintaining it.)

    * Have you enabled it?
    * It doesn't work if you have paused downloads IIRC.
  • oh folks, folks, folks...

    If there is written shutdown command for windows till version 8 and you are trying it out on windows 10, than that isnt the addon developers fault but the fault of you not taking care about what you are doing (read and think about thinks before you confirm them if you are working with computers) and maybe the fault of microsoft that they arent making there commands backwards compatible...

    i am using debian gnu/linux and the addon is working perfectly

    the only thing i am missing is a way to contact the developer because i may have some improvement suggestions/issue reports. It would be grate if you could add a github/gitlab/whatever page where users can discuss new features and even other developers can help to improve that addon

    thanks to the developer in advance for adding an issue system and keep up the good work!
  • After shutdown my PC (force close), my wallpaper is gone (black screen), my screensaver setting is gone, my antivirus (Comodo) is broken, my firefox session is gone (49.0.2) (all tabs is gone). Shutdown command is very aggressive.
    Windows 10 Home 64 bit.
    A simple shutdown should not cause this problems. I guess there is an additional problem.
  • I find this add-on very handy indeed. Unfortunately, the file for version 0.9.19 is missing or it's not signed off yet. So whenever you try to install it, a kind of connection error is received and its installation fails.
    The file for version 0.9.19 is missing. I have reverted to version 0.9.18 as a workaround.
    You can also install the latest version from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/auto-shutdown-ng/versions/
  • Once this is implemented the extension would be perfect.

    EDIT: thanks!
    I've added e10s support in the latest version : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/auto-shutdown-ng/versions/
    Unfortunately the review process is very slow.
  • It works well in my operative system Windows 7 Pro X64.

    Trabaja muy bien en mi sistema operativo Windows 7 Pro x64
  • 1st
    What is it doing if not present within the download section

    No start elsewhere but confusing prefs

    What I am supposed to with that gibberish not using DownThemAll! anyway?

    Add icon to DownThemAll!

    Detection of remaining downloads in DownThemAll! is unreliable. Please activate "Close DownThemAll when all downloads are complete" in DownThemAll! Preferences to make it more reliable.
    > What is it doing if not present within the download section

    The add-on adds an icon to the toolbar.

    > No start elsewhere

    You have to click on the icon in the toolbar to enable it.

    > but confusing prefs

    You only have to set the command: Choose one predefined command from the drop-down list or set it manually in the text box.

    > What I am supposed to with that gibberish not using DownThemAll! anyway?

    If you are not using DownThemAll! just ignore that part.
  • very handy
  • this is not applicable addon. because it is normal to have items for download that are cancelled or paused. and AutoshutdownNG must act after all downloadable (not paused and not cancelled) items complete.
    Paused downloads are not detected, that's an API limitation. Cancelled downloads should work.
    (If this is about DownThemAll! read the hint in the preferences.)
  • Recently I had to reset Mozilla since I couldn't open pages fully. Other web browsers would load the pages each time and once reset Mozilla it worked great. That is until I installed the program again. Otherwise this is a great program.
    I can't reproduce your problem.
    What version of Firefox and operating system are you using? Can you give an example of a website that doesn't load?
  • When inserting the addon-icon into the "addons bar" (The addon bar restored) or into "Shortcuts bar" the icon brings the bar to be re-sized to a bigger height.
    All other addon-icons do not produce this effect.

    Could you look at this? The icon might not be in a format which can be re-sized, or maybe it is needed a set of sizes...

    Many thanks in advance!
    Fixed in version 0.9.19
  • Is it possible to set a command line for sending an email to me once the download is complete?
  • I have firefox 28 and since version 0.9.17 the icon of autoshudownng dissapear from addonbar...
    I have to install version 0.9.14, the icon appear and i can update until 0.9.16 without problem

    Thanks for the answer 990m4.
    I set the required minimum version of Firefox correctly (for versions >=22.0).
  • After installation, I click on the "open preference" was the initial setting.
    I was able to use successfully. It's very convenient.

    However, I do not see the button on the toolbar again to restart the Firefox.
    I need other method for use "auto-shutdown-NG".
    For example, Adblock plus, the command increases in the Tools menu.

    In addition to the tool button, can be used if there is a command in the Tools menu.
  • a
  • This addon was perfect but since last update it wont remember that I set it to shutdown but it only forgets if I reboot my computer then when I use the addon I get the message (Configuration error Command: Not configured) then I enter the command I want it to do and i will be fine until I reboot or start up my computer since I turn off my computer when I'm not using it.
    I'm not able to reproduce your problem.
    Can you provide more information?
  • Sorry to say it but the newest version 0.9.17 is not working with Firefox ver 34. There's error indicating command: File not found. This addon is great, been using it for years. But Firefox upgrades to often causing this addon to stop working. I am running Ubuntu 14.04. Please address this issue. Thanks.
    there is a typo in the predefined shutdown command for Linux.
    The executable erroneously is "bus-send" but it should be "dbus-send".
    Just add the missing "d" and it should be fine.
    If you are not using the predefined shutdown command, please report the exact command that is not working.

    Edit: Fixed in version 0.9.18.
  • Lastest release 0.9.17 works fine with Firefox Nightly 37.0a1 (2014-12-31). Using Windows 7 64-bit Pro.
    Many thanks, 99om4 :)
  • Auto Shutdown NG 0.9.17 works fine with FF 31.3.0 ESR. Thanks 99om4 (author).
  • Not working anymore & author seems to have abandoned this. Last update was over a year ago.
    the add-on still works for me with FF34 (latest stable version).
    What exactly is the problem?
  • I upgraded Firefox and this addon does not work anymore, please update - Thanks
    I've tested Version 0.9.16 of the add-on with Firefox 32.02 and it works fine.
    What exactly is the issue and what OS are you using?
  • Thank you

    Install consolekit in ubuntu and then probe with the predefined command to turn off the computer, run smoothly.

    Thank you again.
  • I like this tool and the quick reacting author but i cannot use it for my case: I would like to offer a PDF download & don't view & just print facility in my company. problem: the Firefox will be run in a kiosk mode, where the addon bar is not visible, so the user cannot switch it on. Suggestion: it would be nice if the activate button could be configured to be "always on", not only because the button is not visible in kiosk mode, but also to have the button still activated for the next download. Remark: i know there are easier ways to print PDFs (with the integrated Firefox PDF Viewer), but i want to keep the main kiosk page on the screen and to just print the PDFs the user clicked. Could you make this possible? Thanks in advance.
    I don't think that this feature would be very useful.

    To your specific problem:
    I would write a script that monitors the download folder for new files and then prints them (if they are PDF).
  • wanted an add-on that would actually close firefox after completed downloads, searched and found this, and was initially disappointed to see there didn't appear to be an option, certainly not from the predefined actions.

    after a little tinkering achieved what i was after. in case anyone else wants to close firefox, here is what i am using with success:


    /F /IM firefox.exe