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  • ok
    Thank you for the 5 stars.
  • Simple clean design what more do you need, and it's working just perfectly
    Thanks for the 5 stars. I really appreciate the review.
  • Amazing color! Thank you MaDonna!
    Thank you, Gabriela. I really appreciate it.
  • Просто и красиво
    I am pleased you like it.
  • 喜欢这个颜色哦
    I am pleased you like it.
  • Очень много, могу у Вас забрать!! Вы в моём списке!! Удачи Вам в делах !
  • Very good!
    Thank you and am pleased you like it. ♥
  • I tend to switch around themes a lot, but the only themes I see myself using and sticking to are by MaDonna. They are the most creative, vibrant, colorful, and enjoyable. This is yet another beautiful theme which I use so often.
    That is a wonderful review. Thank you so much and I am so pleased you like my work.
  • One of my favourite color.The ambience of this theme is just unbelievable.
    Thank you so much for the 5 star review. ♥
  • Looks very good as a theme in Libre Office 5, Good contrast with the toolbar buttons. easy to see!!!
    Thanks so much. I use Libre Office and didn't realize you can use themes. Glad you like it.
  • I always found this shade of turquoise calming, thanks a lot.
    Many people have said the same thing. Thanks so much for the 5 star review. Glad you like it. ♥
  • I like the color
    Thanks for the 5 stars! ♥
  • Clever, Stong and Mysterious.. (etc.)
    Thank you. Happy you like it. ♥
  • I like that the current tabs stands out well with this theme.
    ♥ Thanks, I really appreciate the 5 stars, sam. ♥
  • 还可以
    Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. I appreciate it very much. ♥
  • Its cool
    Thanks so much. I am pleased you like it. ♥
  • Great color solid theme, simple and elegant. Easy on the eyes.
    Thank you, Strawberry. I am pleased you like my theme. And thanks for taking the time to write a review for me. ♥
  • many wonderful themes to choose from, madonna … the quantity of themes/personas you offer is staggering. some of the design aspects utilized are awesome.

    however … to the best of my knowledge, mozilla does not check "themes/personas" for malware. and, until mozilla changes this tactic for [u]all[/u] types of files … i am unwilling to install any theme.

    keep up the good work!
  • A variety of calm choices for those who prefer solid colors!
    Very pleased you like this theme. Thanks for taking the time to write a review for me, Indn22!
  • looks good, maintains readability
    Thank you so much. Happy you like it. ♥
  • Yes, the perfect theme. I finally found it. Thank you so much.
    Thanks, Christian. So glad you like this one.
  • Soothing, not distracting - after viewing a myriad of solids and gradients, finally settled on this beauty as the best overall. Very satisfied. Thanks, Developer....
    Thanks so much. This was one of my earlier designs but it seems to be quite popular. Thank yho for taking the time to write a reviw for me. Happy Holidays, SweetFacz!
  • Just the right amount of texture and a colour that doesn't distract or interfere with the display of any of my icons or tabs makes it perfect. Only one I've used since I found it.
    So glad you like it. Thanks for the great review. This was one I made a long time ago. ♥
  • This is really great .
    ♥ Thanks.