6 critiques pour ce module
  • I still need a few features we had in ReminderFox.
    1. Need to be able to make a reminder repeat monthly, yearly, etc.
    2. Need to have it stay active until completed. i.e., even if you don't complete it on time, it keeps reminding you. I need this for maturing CD's, which have a ten day grace period.
    3. Have ability to be reminded AHEAD of time...say a week or ten days before the due date.

    Need a really details set of directions on how to configure and use it.

  • First of al, thank you for this great add-on. I like it.
    Specially the ability to have different color for each reminder
    is super fantastic!!!
    I am long time user of Reminderfox add-on and now finally
    I found a replacement. Is there a possibility to import a ics
    file with all my reminders from Reminderfox add-on.
    That would be fantastic.
    Cheers Endor

    Réponse du développeur

    Thanks for your words :)
    And about importing .ics file, I will make sure to add it in a recent future release :)

  • Get rid of the 24 hour and go to standard time. Stop the pop ups.

    Réponse du développeur

    Thanks for using Assistant Reminder!

    And I will make sure to add an option for the popups in the upcoming releases :)
    I'll try to add a 12 hour time option too :)

  • Good simple useful WE,thank you!
    (I'd appreciate an option for adjusting its window to a convenient measure.)

    Réponse du développeur

    Thanks for using Assistant Reminder :)

    About adjusting the reminder window to a normal size, I'll be sure to do something about it in the future releases.

    For now, there are lots of new features and updates on queue :)

    [ Although it will take some time. ]

    Be sure to check them out! :)

    Have a great day!

  • Useful add-on and ALMOST as good as ReminderFox but it needs the ability to save preferences such as what to view and snooze time etc. At present this has to be done each time Firefox is launched. The ability to change the display font would be appreciated as well, but not essential.

    Also, the Good morning/Good afternoon box should only appear once each day and not every time you launch Firefox.

    Providing these additions/modifications are made, the add-on shows great promise.

    The latest version of the add-on now has the option to select daily/weekly/monthly/yearly etc.

  • Does not offer daily, weekly or monthly reminders

    Réponse du développeur

    Thank you for using Assistant Reminder :)
    And about daily, weekly and monthly reminders,
    I'll be sure to add them in the upcoming update :)
    Be sure to check it out, as it will come with other features too.
    Thank you.
    Have a nice day :)