33 critiques pour ce module
  • 很喜欢不同季节用作的主题,史努比童年最喜欢了。这个很适合冬天的氛围
  • very nice
  • OMG Charlie Brown Peanuts Christmas AND it's animated! This is too good!
    *faints from over-excitement*
  • Charly Brown Fan ein Leben lang
  • Love it--nostalgia is the best!
  • I like this.
  • Great colors, animation is minimal but very effective
  • mis dibujos favoritos muy lindo saludos
  • Really cute theme that doesn't seem to be a resource hog and doesn't block out my favorites toolbar. ;)
  • Simple animation that works!
  • de los mejores
  • belles et varies
  • Love it
  • Adorable theme, Kudos to the artist, Leigh Anne! I love the falling snowflakes as well.
  • 感觉很好用,很实在
  • Une animation est toujours TRES APPRECIEE - merci à vous -
  • Love it!
  • Love this Theme! Charlie Brown and Christmas both make me smile !!
  • Great Theme :)
  • Love the Peanuts and the animated feature
  • The animation could be smoother, like in 60 FPS. Also, the graphics could have been crisper. Like in 4K. This is 2017. hahaha
  • its so cute and i love it so much it go's so well with christmas great job
  • Just Now, I was listing to Music Choice on TV of some Christmas music and as soon as I clicked on this theme, The Charlie Brown "Christmas Time Is Here" Started playing at the same moment!!!!!

    Coincidence? I know it wasn't!! Happy Celebrating to all this season, and lets all do our best to Enjoy our Family's, Friends and Help the less fortunate that we see, as we hurry through our busy days!!

    This Theme Is inspired, Thank you!!!

    Kevin Gossett
  • Great Add-On.