FIXED-See below for details-Download panel is not docked even if settings are set to dock it. Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

One of the best addons. I will re-assess this addon after dealing with the abovementioned bug. Attention to developers please!
Problem is solved by solution taken from support forum. Gr8 thnx to bystander! Now docked downloads panel works fine.
As it worked for me (short fix based on bystander's method):
- goto about:config
- change "" parameter to "true"
- enjoy :)

ps. full bystander's method, in case if abovementioned fix wont help you:
"I encountered similar problems, and also blank downloads sidebar panels on updating from FF19.0.2 to FF20.0. Eventually, after some fiddling around, I found a sequence, something like this, which seems to have sorted it out.

0) Ensure you have a usable backup copy of your Firefox profile as it is now.

1) Use customize to move the Downloads button off the toolbar and onto the 'Customize palette'.
2) Close Firefox fully and start it again (do not simply use 'restart')
3) Ensure pref is set to true.
4) Repeat (2).
5) Fully close Firefox.
6) Replace (only) the file 'downloads.sqlite' in your Firefox profile with the most recent backup copy you have of it
from before updating to FF20.0
7) Start Firefox.
8 ) Use customize to move the Downloads button off the 'Customize palette' and back onto the toolbar.
9) Repeat (2).

You might like to see if that sequence or something similar helps you.

Stage (6) was introduced because, in the course of my efforts, I found that, although I had got back the Downloads sidebar panel, it was blank. The new file was the same size as the backup but, for whatever reason, replacing it proved to be part of the present apparent solution for me.

If no joy with any of that, then you could see if you still have the problem when running Firefox with all extensions disabled except for AiOS. If not, then one or more of those other extensions is involved in your problem"

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