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Could you please add support of URL for suggests (when installing a new search engine from a search field)?
For example, Google, Bing, WikiPedia, IMDB and lots of other sites - they all have search suggests, but if you install a search engine for any of them with your extension - your search engine won't have the "suggests".
It would be nice, if you'd teach your add-on to hook up the search engine, when he installs a new search engine.
But sometimes the input field on a page has no suggests.
In that case it would be super awesome if your add-on would let user either type-in an URL for suggests manually or let your add-on parse the user's installed search engines, filter the ones that have suggests and let the user select any of them to use in the currently installing search engine.

p.s.: I like your add-on very much, and it's also awesome that it's now restartless, however I really miss suggestions support.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (2.1.1-signed).