1 Great Addon, 2 Negative Points Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

I downloaded AddBookmarkHere² to my computer, edited the rdf file to allow its use in FF12 and since then it works fine for me. ABH² can not remember the last bookmark directory used at the first time that you add a bookmark. But just to set it up for this option, restart the browser and the last used folder is always selected. Negative point 1: if you choose to add new bookmarks always on top of each folder, all subfolders will be thrown down in that bookmark list at proportion as new itens are being added, when the standard should be "folders always on top". Negative point 2: there is not a shortcut from context to quickly add bookmarks from any site where we are, after all, the shortcut Ctrl+D still imposes several clicks with the mouse until you find the desired folder, or various keyboard touchs to complete the operation. Anyway, ABH² delivers what it promises and is a very useful work to simplify the confusing way in which it became the native FF bookmarks.

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