79 critiques pour ce module
  • Not compatible with Firefox 53.0.3
  • update this to firefox 45.0
  • Not compatible with Firefox 29.0
    I'm working on updates. Started with Purple Fox. As soon as it's done and I have my code working updating the rest won't be a problem.
  • The theme is nice, but when i can`t use the all-in-one-sidebar add-on with it, because it`s to broad with this theme, so that I can`t read the words on the left side on a open window of this add-on.
    The second thing is, that i can`t change the theme to these alternative designs, from which you are speaking.
    I readed the tutorial on your website, but i don`t understand how I can change the design. it`s to difficult for a normal pc-User. I think you need to be a programmer to do this.
    Why do you make it so difficult? In other themes like noya you have in the add-on manager on Firefox a impel settings-button, with that you can open the options of these theme and change the design, for example.
    Other themes have scripted add-on which allows you to change. Unfortunately I'm not that good at Javascript and it requires a lot of time to create it.
  • Although it works good as installed, it really messed things up when I changed it to the gradient version. I guess it is not totally compatible with FF26.0 on Kubuntu after all.
  • Awesome Theme however not compatible with Firefox 25.x..
    I'm using it with Firefox 25. Go to tools > Addons manager. Right click on the theme a after that find updates. Let me know if the browsers says it's still not compatible.
  • Molto bello..!
  • Love this theme have been using it since Bloodfire was no longer usable. However for Firefox 20 it is not compatible.Is there going to be an update to fix that availability?
    New version waiting for approval. Download it from here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/a-bloody-red-theme/versions/
  • Your theme is beautiful! But, with FF 19, I can't use it because with my ReminderFox addon, the popup slider's reminders are so faint as to be unreadable. Same problem with Orange Fox. Hope you can fix this problem, Jivko.
    You should not blame the theme. I don't use the add-on so how was I supposed to know there's a bug? Thanks for the feedback. The problem is probably in theme. I'll install the add-on and see what I can do to fix this in the near future. :)
  • Love it. I have had no issues with the performance of my web browser or computer, since I have downloaded this skin.
  • Firefox 18.0.1
    This theme works great as long as you don't open PDFs in the browser. If & when you do, they'll be impossible to read due to a strong blue background overshadowing the whole thing. Other than that, the color scheme is really nice. PDF problem could possibly be solved w/an update, but as of Jan 2013, the problem still exists.
    I know about it but at this point I don't have time to fix it! :(
  • Once this theme was my favourite. Since Firefox 16 there's a big problem. Some websites and every pdf which i open in browser isn't shown correctly. Means in case of pdf: It's very hard to read the text because the colour is not as nomal (black). Instead it's a mix of lightly colours of blue and the like. Also you could think the sun ist shining on monitor together with fog. After searching the web another german user wrote that the theme is the origin and not programms like adobe, java, object desktop (by Stardock) and so on. After changing theme to lava fox at the moment i don't have the problem. I hope the problem will be fixed cause it's the best theme
  • had to upgrade to FF16 and now this thing is ugly, the addon and Find bar goes GODUGLY greyed out whenever I click off of Firefox (I run dual monitors) and it drives me mental. the new skins are ugly, go back to the original ones from the 3.0 days without all these ugly dots or mixed and matched colors. Going to have to find something else because this theme no longer has what I want.
    I don't think the theme deserves a 1 star review but hey you're the user. The old design was nice but there was a bad color balance. The red color was too much and too bright + I don't think it's that easy on the eyes. The new designs are much more pleasing, much more color balanced I think and the dots add a bit to the theme. I mean if there was only the gradient the toolbar would look a bit empty and unfinished.
  • Although I haven't had this theme for very long, I had to review it. I do like the clean lines and appearance of it . it is simple, and it is very easy to navigate through it. If there was a 'gold tone' theme of this one, I would use it!
    Good idea about the gold theme but I already support 10 themes + 4 sub-skins for Bloody Red and 3 for Purple Fox. Creating these require a lot of time and effort. Sometimes it's hard for me to support them all and besides I do it for free. I don't get payed for creating themes. There are few donations but the money I make from them are not enough to consider theme development as some kind of job. It's a hobby. :)
  • I used to use LavaFox but Bloody Red has so much more personality and it's a bit less bulky. I think what did it in for me and made me want to write a review is the page not found modification. It really is amazing the attention to detail that was put into this theme. Nevermind the extra css packages.. outta the Box works great for me. Way to keep it metal!
    Thanks Sensi. Glad you like it. I'm planning to release new version for my 19th birthday soon because there are a few bugs here and there.
  • Nice but all the dots get a bit irritating after a while. Would love to see it with all that removed. It just seems a bit too busy. Also for a compact theme, it seems a bit big. Apart from that, good theme.
    You can always try one of the 4 subskins. They are free and easy to use. Here's how http://firefox-goodies.net63.net/sub-skins/bloody-red-sub-skins.html
  • Have this one since about five months! Before I found this I changed very often personas/theme but this one is sooo damn cool...(-;
    Very seldom there are some almost too dark spots - a challenge for your eyes but...who cares? It´s Heavy Metal at its best!
  • I'm finally a Bloody Red user with the latest update that offers sub-skins. Thanks, Jivko!
  • Could you Please Fix The Navigation Bar, The Writing in it is way to dark and i can't see what's in it!!! Like make it a Blue or gray or something like that so it's easier to see read what's in it!!! Thanks!!! P/S: Love your theme been using it for yrs!!!!!!!
  • This is so cool !!! I like it !
  • really Bloody Red Theme is so beautiful & i am always happy having with it my web side.
  • Have had Blood red for a long time love the old look do not like the changes it is to hard to read with all the gray dots. It might be time to find a new appearance
  • Enough to hold me over til RedShift comes to FireFox 4.
  • love this theme, works on beta 9 preview.
    Thanks! :) I'm glad you like it :)
  • Много е готина темата .... продължавай все така. 5 звездички от мен.
    Радвам се,че ти харесва.Ще съпортвам и Firefox 4 :)