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Pays Bhavnagar
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Hey folks , Currently I am working at Cognizant Technology Solutions. I pursued my B.Tech Computer engineering degree from Nirma University, India.

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FireFox Tweak Redémarrage nécessaire

It enables user to change some default FF options and gain more out of firefox. It increases user's ability to manage FF the way he wants.User can change many features which are not in Tools -> options menu . (^_^). Now tweak NETWORK settings, too.

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All In One Search Bar Redémarrage nécessaire

User can quickly serach in various search engines like google, bing , yahoo, ask etc. they can also choose the content type .Moreover, searching over different sites like FACEBOOK,FLICKR,PHOTOBUCKET,WIKIPEDIA ETC. was never been such easiar before.

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Download Profiler Redémarrage nécessaire

Download at diffferent locations :)
For each profile , user has to give one folder path. Then whichever profile is active, download will be done automatically in associated folder.
So , now u can directly redirect your downloads to favorite folder.

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Indexify Tabs

It attaches tab index into title of each of the tabs.

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GoTo Tab number Redémarrage nécessaire

Press control+shift+o and enter the tab-number you want to go.
Tab Number starts from 1.

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Extension Auto-Installer

Developer Friendly Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Super duper awesome dude. It made the whole development cycle just one click :) I was looking for something similar to this for years. Its a truly pleasure to use this. Especially wget + add-on rock my world. :D

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Help needed. Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Where is a list of all the shortcuts?

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Preferences Monitor

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Wonderful. Exactly what I wanted. Great work .:)

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