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Speed Tweaks (SpeedyFox)

This extension provides a list to almost all the settings that you may need to alter in order to enhance Firefox's speed.

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External Video Player

Feel free to open any video with your favorite video player! Thanks to this extension you will be able to open online videos with any native video player like VLC, MxPlayer, etc.

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No need flash plugin on embeded youtube movies

No need flash plugin on embeded youtube movies

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about:addons-memory 2016

Adds a new page that shows add-on memory usage

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Adds an about:addons-memory page that details add-on memory usage

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PointMp3 | Download youtube to mp3

Add a button to Youtube video directly, allowing you to download it's audio content as mp3 file instantly using

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Translate selected text on current web pages.
No need to leave current web pages.
Translate results come from Bing Translate.
Thanks for your support!

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Privacy Coach En vedette

Privacy Coach is your one-stop shop to learn about and manage your Firefox for Android privacy settings.

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An add-on to convert your text to speech

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Desktop by Default

Enables desktop mode by default.

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User Agent Switcher (Firefox)

Switches the User Agent string of the Firefox Browser on the requested webpage when set to on to the requested User Agent string.

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Synology Download Extender

An extension for Synology Download Station.
You can send links to you Synology from context menu or direct input.
Watch the download progress.
Clean the finished tasks.
Works with magnet-links too.

A Synology with Download Station is required.

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lolifox - Fierr MOD Redémarrage nécessaire

Replaces the error page with a lolifox appearance with additional features.

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IP Geolocator

Shows detailed information about your IP and location.

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DDG Google

Google for searching DuckDuckGo for bangs!

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Auto Form Filler By Fire360Boy

This addon fills --ALL-- the text inputable fields on the web page with dummy text(Random Text) For Web Dewelopers and Programmers
Author : Fire360Boy
Email :

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Memory Optimizer

An add-on to Optimize Memory easily and perform Free memory operations without visiting about:memory. The best Memory Optimizer!

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Log Me In (e10s compatible Secure Login)

An elegant in-page login manager similar to Opera's Wand login (Android and e10s Friendly).

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Viewer for OpenDocument Format office files. It can display documents saved from LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Calligra, Abiword, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint. The documents should be saved in the OpenDocument Format.

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SYSTRAN - Translator and Dictionary

SYSTRAN Extension can translate any webpage in one click.

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