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Extensions recommandées
  • Don't touch my tabs! (rel=noopener)

    Don't touch my tabs! (rel=noopener)

    Prevent tabs opened by a hyperlink from hijacking the previous tab by adding the rel=noopener attribute to all hyperlinks (excluding same-domain hyperlinks).

    13 081 utilisateurs

  • YouTube High Definition

    YouTube High Definition

    YouTube High Definition is a powerful tool that automatically plays all YouTube videos in HD, changes video player size, offers auto-stop and mute, and much more.

    134 259 utilisateurs

  • Midnight Lizard

    Midnight Lizard

    Custom color schemes for all websites: night mode, dark themes, blue light filter, screen shader, high contrast, grayscale, etc.

    6 529 utilisateurs

  • Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express

    Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express

    A simple extension for superfast and easy YouTube downloads in FLV, 3GP, MP3, MP4, 720p, and 1080p formats.

    555 165 utilisateurs

Extensions les mieux notées
  • Decentraleyes


    Protège du pistage lié aux diffuseurs de contenus « gratuits », centralisés. Accélère de nombreuses requêtes (Google Hosted Libraries et autres) en les servant localement, allégeant la charge des sites. Complète les bloqueurs de contenus habituels.

    249 453 utilisateurs

  • Bitwarden – Gestionnaire de mots de passe gratuit

    Bitwarden – Gestionnaire de mots de passe gratuit

    Un gestionnaire de mots de passe sécurisé et gratuit pour tous vos appareils

    173 665 utilisateurs

  • LeechBlock NG

    LeechBlock NG

    LeechBlock NG is a simple productivity tool designed to block those time-wasting sites that can suck the life out of your working day. All you need to do is specify which sites to block and when to block them.

    33 974 utilisateurs

  • Privacy Badger

    Privacy Badger

    Automatically learns to block invisible trackers.

    878 303 utilisateurs

Modules vedettes
  • Tranquility Reader

    Tranquility Reader

    Tranquility Reader improves the readability of web articles by removing unnecessary elements like ads, images, social sharing widgets, and other distracting fluff.

    8 112 utilisateurs

  • ClearURLs


    Remove tracking elements from URLs.

    15 143 utilisateurs

  • Privacy Possum

    Privacy Possum

    Privacy Possum monkey wrenches common commercial tracking methods by reducing and falsifying the data gathered by tracking companies.

    124 155 utilisateurs

  • Youtube Audio

    Youtube Audio

    Stream just the audio from YouTube to save bandwidth and battery life

    10 571 utilisateurs