A *must-have* for sites that can tend to be laden with animated GIFs. Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

A *must-have* for many social networks that have heavy GIF animation, or other sites with a lot of animated GIFs.

For DECADES, simply pressing the escape [ESC] would halt animated GIFs from loading, even while a page was loading, and speed up the loading if a webpage drastically. It was one, of the many reasons that kept me using Firefox over Chrome. Then at some point, they (foolishly( took that long time feature, of a simple ESC key to away from us. This in some cases can make the difference of making a page loadable or impossible to load. (Anyone remember MySpace pages that were so laden with animated GIFs that pages wouldn't even load?)

Well I'm thankful for this addon. It's nice to be able to start and stop GIF animations, The ESC previously would only stop the animations, they couldn't be re-started, or toggled!

Some thoughts for this addon:
Hijacking the ESC key, regardless, would be a great option to have as an option.
I would also like to see an option to load animated GIFs as "stopped" or non-animating by default. It would be nice if the addon could load only the first "frame" of the animated GIF once it is detected, and then allow the rest of the page to load, then allow the rest of the animated GIF(s) to load as last priority to speed up page load time by saving the bandwidth of animated GIFs for last.
Animated GIFs tend to be relatively large in size, and reduce memory and CPU load. Or an option to not load beyond the first frame of an animated GIF ever until the image is toggled to load and play the animation. That way only selected images would be loaded, instead of potentially choking your web ISP, computer and browser with a page full of animated gifs, of which only a few you may wish active.

To distinguish an animated GIF from a regular GIF (or PNG, JPG, etc.) perhaps place a small icon of a video camera in the corner so the viewer knows it's an animated.image.

Features such as those suggested above would make your addon unique and invaluable to the community. Especially those who deal with sites that contain a lot of animated GIFs. (or animated PNGs for that matter)

Thank you for you time and consideration and your fantastic Firefox addon!

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (0.2.1-signed). 

Thank you for the feedback!

I've added functionality for pausing images by default, and for showing an overlay (only on hover, because iterating over all images on all loaded pages is slow). I didn't add Escape-to-pause yet, but there are other addons that do that.

Unfortunately, Firefox's rendering and download layers are pretty decoupled, so even disabling animations doesn't save any bandwidth. (Further I believe FF doesn't even know that a GIF is animated until it scrolls into view and gets decoded.) It might be possible to do some hack from the addon's side, but it sounds really complicated and ugly (on the level of running a GIF decoder in JavaScript).