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The problem was solved when the Settings in Android 4.1.1 and 4.2.2 of Firefox 23 was set as per instructed. In theSETTINGS _ Developers settngs _Apps section - Turn off "Dont keep activities"
Needs more developers who respond to users quickly a 5 star to the devloper for his response in solving the issue.

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Thanks so much for noticing the work we do ... It's nice to be appreciated :-D

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the button is missing after a few usage and a reboot on my PiPo M9 pro. It doesn't appear but when checked with installd add on it exist just doesn't appear in the menu bar on android firefox 23

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Check for a known Firefox Bug

There is a known Firefox bug that affects my and other addons. If on your Android device, under Settings -> Developer Options, you have "Do not keep activities" selected / checked, Firefox loses addon menu items ...