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If your Android device has low resources then it's a must have extension. Rated five because it does its job and deserves it.Also keep in mind that although Firefox is quitted afterwards but it's still active in background so you have two Options: 1- If your device is rooted like mine then the best option is using Greenify for stopping it and 2- If you are not rooted your device then you have to force stop it manually or using Greenify in addition with accessibility service.


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Come on, Mozilla! Don't play stupid! If there weren't QuitNow I would uninstall mobile Firefox: I was about to break my finger while 100 time pressing back button to close browser! Mozilla, you MUST pay salary to the author!

Well now thats funny right there :-p

The author had a lot of fun writing this first and only addon for moz, at the time predicting the complaints the decision to remove the button might cause ...

Mostly overstated, but we did get to ~70k users at one time :-D

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I love it so easy for me tiny thing Thanks.❤

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Works well. Glad to have this simple option to shut down the browser when it's not in use w/out shuffling thru the application manner

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You owe me three more stars.

I pick Capella, Proxima Centauri, and that beautiful Eta Carinae.

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Takes 5 seconds to quit the browser! The native quit button quits instantly.

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I'll give it 4 stars, because it works just fine. However, just recently I discovered the reasoning behind the whole "missing Quit button" dilemma. You must have at least one item checked under the 'Clear private data on exit' (located under 'Privacy') in order for the 'Quit' function to be shown. If you are not seeing 'Quit' at the bottom of the Firefox Menu for Android, it's because you haven't selected any of the options for private data to be cleared upon closing Firefox.

note that this is the case on my HTC One VX with Android 4.2

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Launching a browser from another application (AquaMail in this case), then, as the back button won't exit (I love the UC Browser solution - in the original tab opened from another application, the back button - browser, not phone obviously - looks like u-turn sign and tapping it not only exits the browser, but also closes the tab...) I was thinking, OMG, do I really have to switch back to AquaMail The Old Way!? So thanks for this - at least on this particular level Firefox can at least be on par with UC Browser, CM Browser and Dolphin now :) Too bad Mozilla decided to ignore all the good design ideas of the best mobile browsers before them, and design a totally new one from scratch, and thus made their UI the crappiest I've seen :(

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Glad to help a little

fwiw, Fennec has improved considerably since I started contributing a couple years back.

As far as a new browser from scratch for Android, you might be interested in Servo, currently in development by Mozilla.

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The quit option is at the bottom making it inconvenient. It does cut the browsers processing but it doesn't close it entirely. A for effort, it works.

The lack of the option earned Firefox a 1star in the app store. Unacceptable to leave a close app option to the addon community and not have it in the tin.

You gave Firefox Mobile / Fennec a 1-star ?

Duuuuuuuuude, not cool ... I've got 300 patches into that thing :-D

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Mixed emotions

I'm glad people still find this useful, though I've long since gone over to the side that realizes in an Android world, a "Quit" button is largely irrelevant. it may be a comforting throw-back to earlier OS's and provide some perceived level of control over our electronic lives or a bit of familiarity with the desktop version, but I no longer use my own creation.

;-) Just swipe-to-close like any other app !

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Very good :-)

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Should be a mandatory feature of ANY solid full screen mobile app.

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Почему штатно нет элементарной кнопки выход ?????

Thank you for your review.

I don't understand your follow up question, but if you eMail me, we can talk further.

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Sends FF to the background. Uninstalling.

Yah it does ;-)

Perhaps you've used the add-on to quit the application, then still see it in your devices "Recent Apps" list:

The real test is to check your Android Settings -> Apps -> (swipe right to) Running ...

If you still see the App listed, I'll eat a bug, or devote my life to discovering right-handed neutrinos, or something icky.

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Change Russian word "выход" to "Выход" (first big later)? because it's looks annoying!
And add some settings like clean cache, history with Exit.
Now I prefer Clean Quit addon...

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Хорошее дополнение. Почему нет этой кнопки по умолчанию в apk Firefox?

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Ok. عالی