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  • То, чего не хватает мобильной версии!

  • Wonderful Browser!@ A Must Download!

  • Straight

  • Make the program a little bit slower

  • It is a super extra complement

  • I chose to give up My personal Identity. even though I do this, opening myself up potentially to Malisious Attacks, I do this because the idea is far bigger than I.. we.
    The Programs, Add-on's, extension's, given free here today, should be considered a treasure.
    It is far to often, these stock apps, find themselves forgotten or undiscovered.

    Thank you Mozilla and partners of mazilla, for your donation to the enhancement of our I.O.T. experience.

    Eugene Chamberlain

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  • Small and simple to use

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  • cant do without this. saves me when ads or google try to control my stuff.

  • Thx bro

  • Perfect

  • عالیه سپاس

  • Ok

  • 方便,好使用、

  • ..best..top..nice...cool

  • Love this, the best add-on on mobile Firefox web version for a small battery handphone user like me.

    Réponse du développeur

    I'm glad everytime we get discovered by a new pocket of users

    7-8 new reviews (all good!) in like three days!

  • Does the job. 3 stars because FF still runs in the background!

    Réponse du développeur

    You robbed me. FF doesn't continue to "run" in the background. You may, however, still observe the App after quitting still available in your Android Favorites/Recents section.

    Your next FF startup, however, will be a cold-start.

  • Molto comodo

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    Stavamo parlando Sophia Loren, o un addon?

  • Doesn't kill Firefox.

  • If your Android device has low resources then it's a must have extension. Rated five because it does its job and deserves it.Also keep in mind that although Firefox is quitted afterwards but it's still active in background so you have two Options: 1- If your device is rooted like mine then the best option is using Greenify for stopping it and 2- If you are not rooted your device then you have to force stop it manually or using Greenify in addition with accessibility service.


  • Come on, Mozilla! Don't play stupid! If there weren't QuitNow I would uninstall mobile Firefox: I was about to break my finger while 100 time pressing back button to close browser! Mozilla, you MUST pay salary to the author!

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    The author had a lot of fun writing this first and only addon for moz, at the time predicting the complaints the decision to remove the button might cause ...

    Mostly overstated, but we did get to ~70k users at one time :-D

  • I love it so easy for me tiny thing Thanks.❤

  • Works well. Glad to have this simple option to shut down the browser when it's not in use w/out shuffling thru the application manner