Very Nice but wrong menu position Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

This is a very useful add-on that fixes the stupid decision by Mozilla to prevent you from closing your browser.

QuitNow works really well except for just one thing: it does not appear at the bottom of the menu as the last menu item (which it used to do when it was built-in to Firefox).

This means that when you add other add-ons such as UnMHT etc. the Quit menu gets buried in the middle of the menu list (with several menu entries below it) rather than always being the last menu entry at the bottom of the list. This is annoying because it's not located where it should be, and it makes it harder to find the Quit menu.

I hope the developer will move the Quit menu entry down the menu list so that it is the last item, then this add-on will be perfect!

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