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  • А возможно добавить привязку "пункта меню" к определенному полю ввода, на определенном сайте? То есть Я зашел на сайт, и нажимая например на ярлык дополнения или горячих клавиш, у меня заполняются поля. Не надо искать первое поле, зажимать шифт и вставлять, как сейчас что бы заполнить несколько полей.
    Описанный Вами сценарий использования кардинально отличается от заложенного в InFormEnter+, соответственно Вам нужно совершенно другое расширение - AutoFormer+. В нем Вы один раз заполняете поля, сохраняете их и потом при заходе на сайт наполненные Вами поля по Вашему выбору либо сами автозагружаются, либо загружаются по хоткею Shift+Ctrl+L.
  • Mes adresses ont à nouveau toutes disparues sans intervention de ma part ! Ça ne me l'a jamais fait avec l'ancienne version, WHY ???
    Eux-mêmes en état de choc. Cela se produit uniquement avec Firefox, dans les navigateurs Opera et Chrome etgo n'a pas encore eu lieu.
  • Très bonne idée presque aboutie. Ne marche pas avec les champs suivants :
    Téléphone ## 06...
    Email ## ...@....com
    Date de naissance ##j~~m~~aaaa
    Dans le certificat, il est écrit qu'il est nécessaire de masquer les champs au contraire:

    06 ... ## Téléphone
    ... @ .... com ## Email
    j ~~ m ~~ aaaa ## Date de nassance

    C'est comme ça que ça marche.
    P.S. Si vous utilisez ~~ dans une ligne, vous voulez que les lignes "j", "m" et "aaaa" soient insérées non pas dans une, mais dans trois champs consécutifs.
  • It´s simply a great addon and much better than the alternatives in my opinion.
  • Amazing way to fill in (any/all) input fields! Very versatile
  • It is the best add-on I've ever had. I can complete all forms in a fraction of a second. I even couldn't go to a better version of Firefox because your add-on was not available at that time. It is extremely helpful. Thank you!
  • This makes repetitive form entries way easier and saves time. This extension has always done what it promises, and I've yet to have any issues with its performance.
  • parfais
  • very good, but every time you upgrade your firefox, you forget the data you've already typed
    This is an abnormal situation, so it should not be and most users do not. I can assume that you have some problems with the current Firefox profile, it is possible to change it better. In the meantime, this disgrace continues to be advised to export all InFormEnter data to a text file so that you can recover after Firefox update.
  • I was looking for an addon to simplify filling in name, address and e-mail into forms. Other addons were too complex. InFormEnter+ accomplishes the task in an easy way.

    There's only one big problem with multiline text fields: the "resize" symbol (on the bottom right corner) is covered by the InFormEnter+ symbol, so that the resize function isn't available any more. I hope, this will be solved soon.
    You can change the marker's standard position to one of the 3 other predefined ones by right-clicking on it.
  • suche noch die email Einrichtung
  • it was time ago when I started using Opera Notes - it was must have tool.
    When came back to the firefox I used O'Notes, but since FF 54 this addon is not supported.

    I did try Clippings (wow!) and Simple Form Fill, however they cant fill passwords fields.

    Only InFormEnter (I am using v0.875) is able to fill almost all
    kind of fields.

    I found one glitch: list fields where are the scroll buttons, InFormEnter works ( I think this should be exception) and causes problem to put values.

    And other thing I found some discomfort using Profiles - I don't like to click on icon to change Profile - instead I would like to have option under mouse button menu.

    On the end I wish the Developer will add functionality like SYNCING Profiles through Firefox Account - I don't put the same data on each machine by hand (or Import - what works in InForm very good).

    And I wish to have Subfolders (Tree Schemat), Icons and Colors for text.

    very good but needs:

    - Synchronization via Firefox Account;
    - Folders, subfolders;
    - Icons;
    - GUI,
    - activation delay option,
    - copy any text (not only from forms) to the list;

    And then it will be The Best !!!

    это было когда-то, когда я начал использовать Opera Notes - у него должен был быть инструмент.
    Когда вернусь к firefox, я использовал O'Notes, но с FF 54 этот аддон не поддерживается.

    Я попробовал Clippings (wow!) И Simple Form Fill, однако они не могут заполнить поля паролей.

    Только InFormEnter (я использую v0.875) может заполнять почти все
    вид полей.

    Я нашел один сбой: список полей, где находятся кнопки прокрутки, InFormEnter работает (я думаю, что это должно быть исключение) и вызывает проблему для размещения значений.

    И другое, что я нашел некоторый дискомфорт с помощью профилей - мне не нравится нажимать на значок, чтобы изменить профиль - вместо этого я хотел бы иметь опцию в меню кнопок мыши.

    В конце я хочу, чтобы разработчик добавил функциональность, такую ​​как SYNCING Profiles через учетную запись Firefox, - я не помещаю те же данные на каждую машину вручную (или Import - то, что работает в InForm очень хорошо).

    И я хочу иметь подпапки (Tree Schemat), иконки и цвета для текста.

    очень хорошо, но нужно:

    - Синхронизация через учетную запись Firefox;
    - Папки, подпапки;
    - Иконки;
    - GUI,
    - опция задержки активации,
    - копировать любой текст (не только из форм) в список;

    И тогда это будет Лучшее !!!
    Thank you for your review!
    About your suggestions:
    - Turn on "Add-ons" checkbox in Firefox Account and InFormEnter will synchronizes profiles data between your computers
    - Icons and Colors for text: you can use Unicode symbols as icons and $Big$, $Bold$, $Red$, $Green$, $Blue$ macros to change text of Menu name (use ## to separate text for pasting and menu name)
    I will think about other suggestions.
  • Prosty i działa. Szukałem czegoś takiego, po PPM wybierasz co ma być wpisane w puste pole. Super !
  • I agree with the others. Using Firefox 52.7.3, 64bit, cannot get this to work.
    You need 0.76.1-signed.1-signed version - it is last pure XUL version and works fine with old Firefox.
  • Used to be excellent.Updated version is unusable.Not sure why developers mess with something that works just fine to begin with.Unfortunatly I will have to find alternative.(ESR btw)
  • Perfect idea and I have been using this for years but v0.869 is not working. I tried to install v0.868 and this previus version is working properly. Thanks,
    Thank you for your letter! Bug with context menu fixed in 0.870 version.
  • thanks for excclent addon
    i use this version 0.76.1-signed.1,Last pure XUL version, without WebExtension API.
    please update that version too:)
    plus height of input menu get long.not sure you make or not for latest version
    but add possibility to enable all profile from context menu so height will be decreased

    edit:thanks for replay upload it to your site.anyway if its not possible its ok
    Unfortunately, the site addons.mozilla.org does not allow to support several branches of distributions.
  • Viva! ele voltou!!!!! Parece que o ícone sinalizador (seta) não mais se multiplica pela tela abaixo. Usei durante muito, muito tempo. Parei pois deixou de funcionar (setas dancantes :) ) Substituí pelo Simple Form Fill. Simple como no nome. InformEnter tem muito mais opções de edição e visibilidade agora. Thanks Mykola Onyshchuk
    Thank you!
  • I have used InformEnter for a long time, but recently started getting annoyed with the little blue arrow showing up in almost every input box. Since I see no way to turn it off and instead invoke a pop-up menu with a left-click (the way it used to work) I have disabled it.

    Update 1:
    I don't know how to reply to Mykola's response below, so will edit my review because since it's the only way to respond to his message.

    The menu I see when I click on the toolbar button has a title which says "Profile No1" and the items underneath it are only "Options..." and "Enabled" (the latter is checkmarked). Clicking on "Options..." just takes me to the about:addons page for the extension (which has no menu either). This means I can't preform the steps you're suggesting.

    Note: InformEnter+ v0.827 is the version I have installed in Firefox ESR 52.5.3 (64-bit) on Windows 7 Pro.

    Update 2:
    Since there's no version compatible with the version of Firefox I'm using, guess it's back to "disabled" (or "remove") for me. Not too big of deal because the LastPass add-on I also use will fill in whole forms (as well as passwords).

    Thanks for your contributions.
    Click toolbar button and select in popup menu third icon (with red cross) - marker (blue arrow image) will be absent.

    Update: Current version is 0.861. Since version 0.842 it is possible to turn of marker. You need to update extension in Add-on Manager to see new icons below "Enable" menu item.

    Update2: Unfortunately new versions are compatible with Firefox 53 or newer.
  • all entrys gone for the third time within 5 days in firefox 57.03, backup dosn't work.

    01.06: with firefox 57.03 it did not work, I tried again today with firefox 57.04 and it worked.
    You have exported text file as backup and import does not work?
  • Stopped working on 50% of FF pages
    Could you kindly give me examples of sites on which InFormEnter+ does not work? I will analyze the source of the problem and fix it. Thank You.
  • nice work.
  • I would like the blue arrow in the form field to hide, only use the pull-down menu

    Edit: Thank you for your advice, I was looking for it in the setup
    Click toolbar button and select in popup menu third icon (with red cross) - marker (blue arrow image) will be absent.
  • I liked this addon very much but now, as already observed before, all profile data are erased when closing Firefox. I use version 0.852 and Ghostery, uBlock origin and delete the history of Firefox (57.0.2 (64-Bit)) regularly.
    Any ideas how to fix this would be great, I've no idea.
    I created new Firefox profile, installed InFormEnter, Ghostery, uBlock origin in it and filled some InFormEnter profiles. Tried opening and closing Firefox many times and cleared all history but, unfortunately, all InFormEnter data was stored.
    Try to use export / import features to create and restore InFormEnter backup.
  • This extension was formerly one I used daily. However, in the mere month since the release of Firefox 57 this extension has changed authorship not once but TWICE. At least twice now the extension has been updated to demand further permissions. In light of these out of the ordinary "developments", and considering that the most recent author appears to be Russian and knowing how much nationalistic partisan insanity is taking place now, I cannot reasonably trust it with my very personal details any more. I frankly don't trust my fellow Americans not to be greedy self-interested shits, but at least with them there's some hope that I can maintain some degree of oversight. That is simply not possible with an author living in a country antagonistic toward my own and lacking the same regulatory controls.

    Addendum: here it is four months later, and AGAIN this extension is demanding new permissions, and THIS time it's unfettered access to the Windows clipboard! Nope, no possibility at all for malicious activities with that permission. This is precisely how abuse often happens: get people hooked on a potentially useful product, then slowly and patiently begin to pervert it to serve its creators' ulterior purpose.
    The first time the extension requested permission "Access your data for all websites" because there was a transition from the XUL version to the WebExtension. In the XUL version permission was not asked. In WebExtension permissions began to be declared.
    Then I added the ability to export profiles to the new version, which can be implemented only through download API, so the following permission was needed - "Download files and read and modify the browser`s download history".
    The explanation of these permissions is in Security FAQ:
    If there is no question on this list that interests you, then write either here or on the mail: informenter.plus@gmail.com, I will answer.